Fox's "Judge" Jeanine finds a way to blame President Obama, Hollywood and liberals for the supposed actions of a flight attendant on US Air.
October 13, 2014

Just when you thought Fox's "Judge" Jeanine Pirro couldn't get any crazier, she went off the rails again this Saturday, cheering for the death of a flight attendant who she claims had an issue with placing a soldier's jacket in the storage for first class, and hoping that she dies cleaning the Ebola virus out of toilets.

Leave it to this angry bitter woman to find a way to segue from the incident on the plane to attacking President Obama, Hollywood and liberals for all that's wrong with the world. Why this reckless irresponsible woman is still allowed on the air when it's obvious all she's doing here is trying to get someone at least mercilessly harassed by a bunch of wingnuts when who knows if her story here is even true, and at worst hurt or killed is beyond me.

This is the same network that has allowed Bill O'Reilly to stay on the air, so I assume Roger Ailes condones this sort of behavior as long as it gets him ratings.

From Fox's blog: 'You Have No Honor': Judge Jeanine Blasts Flight Attendant:

Have we lost all semblance of respect, decency and honor for those who put their lives on the line every day? And where is this mentality coming from?

A decorated Army Ranger boards a US Airways flight and asks the flight attendant if she might hang his uniform jacket - full of medals - in the aircraft closet.

Now, she angrily refuses, saying the closet is for first class passengers only and he isn't one of them. To their credit, several first class passengers who witness the treatment of Sgt. Albert Marle ask the attendant why she simply wouldn't hang his jacket up. Her response according to them: "Our airline policy says I’m not going to do it. So I’m not going to do it."

And when first class passengers then offer Sgt. Marle their seat, the flight attendant starts yelling at them, speaking to Marle with an "angry attitude" as he quietly walks back to coach, declining the first class passengers' offers.

So, US Air's initial response? There was no space in the closet. But the first class passengers who were there say there was space. You know, those pesky eye witnesses contradicting the airline's excuse.

So now US Air is investigating, saying: "We have a long and proud history of serving our military members and hold the men and women who serve our country in the highest regard."

Really? Then how is it that your employee - "Ms. Not So Friendly Skies" - won't even hang up a jacket in a closet that the passengers say was not full? Have we all lost our minds?

"Ms. Not So Friendly Skies’” job is to accommodate passengers. And you can't assist a decorated war veteran whose medals indicate that he probably continues to serve in a special unit, who quietly and humbly walks back to coach.

So let's talk. Do you think for one minute that if a Hollywood celebrity had asked that same attendant to hang up his jacket she would have refused? If George Clooney walks onto a plane that has a full closet, you can bet "Ms. How Can I Help You?" would remove coats to make room for his! And probably with a smile on her face while she does it.

Surprised? Why? This is the tone that is set in Washington. There's no respect for the military in this country anymore.

Veterans dying left and right because they can't get an appointment to see a doctor at a veterans hospital. And to make it worse, the schedulers are lying, so they can get a bonus. Every day 22 veterans commit suicide So why would you be surprised?

The veterans war memorial in Washington was one of the first areas closed by the White House during the government shutdown, while the Occupy Wall St. gang is allowed to cost us millions as they make pigs of themselves in public parks and places.

Now our commander-in-chief reduces the size of our armed forces by 90,000 members - some even getting pink slips upon their return from combat duty - he unilaterally then provides people who came here illegally - the so-called "dreamers" - with the opportunity to join the Armed Forces.

Last I checked, federal law says it is a felony to possess a firearm as an illegal. And last I checked, this is the same president who is doing his darndest to take guns away from lawful gun owners like me. But we'll talk about that later in the show.

So back to US Air. US Air has not stated that it even has this so-called "policy". But if it does have such a policy, US Air should lose the privilege of calling itself "United States Air." This country no longer respects the people who give us the right to say whatever we want, practice whatever religion we want and enjoy the freedoms we hold so dear.

So what should happen to "Ms. Not So Friendly Skies"? The one who snubs an Army Ranger who she says is not first class. The one who yells at passengers who offer to give up their first class seat.

Ma'am, I don't know what your name is and I hope I never find out, because not only do you have no class, you have no honor. And you know what? As U.S. Air investigates the role of this flight attendant, I have an idea. I’ll be kind. She shouldn't lose her job. She should not lose her job.

She should stay in the employ of US Air, in maintenance, cleaning toilets on all flights coming in from West Africa. Someone's gotta do it.


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