How can he claim this after all the money Focus On The Family has put into the fight AGAINST marriage equality?

June 19, 2016

On this week's Versus, Alan Colmes sits down with Jim Daly, who is James Dobson's kinder, gentler homophobic replacement. The Focus on the Family director, who's had that job since 2010, is trying to mainstream a group that, let's face it, should have gone away once electricity was made available to all. They discussed whether the organization and Daly himself are complicit in the climate of hate towards the LGBT Community. I think you can guess the answer to that dilemma

The orignal FOTF hatemonger, James Dobson, was likely tossed out on his ass in 2010 because he was making the organization too restrictive, and failed to enact what Daly calls a 'big tent' approach. Daly admitted on Colmes' radio show that the older generation won't be as agreeable to this new idea of opening up the definition of what constitutes marriage, so he has softened his tone, to include the next generation, but not his deep-seeded opinion on the matter. They're not 'afraid' of same-sex marriage, but they're not going to ever openly advocate for it.

Whereas Dobson is a hatemonger straight from hell, Daly is just guarding the staircase down to Dobson's lair located deep in the earth's core. Lest anyone forget who built this organization, I give you a quick reminder of his insanely awful worldview from The State of The Family Newsletter in 2001.

The forces arrayed against the family are almost (1) irresistible. (2) Homosexual activists, radical feminists, abortion zealots and haters of Christianity have banded together to bring down the old order and substitute their own version of the Brave New World.

It goes on and on ad nauseum, I think his Old Testament style of admonishment to the sinners is fairly obvious. Look at his choice of insane paranoid language, which is simply awful. Don't worry, he is still peddling his hatefulness to this day, in case you gave a flying crap. He's a big player in the non-troversy of transgender bathroom usage. Hate sells in right wing hell. Dobson knows that all too well.

If you have the slightest doubt that Daly's opinions aren't as insanely homophobic as his predecessor, simply read the description from where you can buy his gag-reflex inducing book-sputem.

Unfortunately, modern marriage laws no longer reflect true marriage—in fact, today's legal definition of "marriage" bears little resemblance to the institution of traditional marriage many of us still hold dear.

Jim Daly, president of the evangelical organization Focus on the Family, celebrates God's original design for marriage in Marriage Done Right: One Man. One Woman. This faith-based book is an exploration of God’s purposes for marriage, including the unique benefits that a mom and a dad bring to the partnership of raising children. With a compassionate tone and an eye toward the future, Daly reaffirms the beauty of traditional marriage and reflects on how the Supreme Court's 2015 redefinition of marriage is affecting today's marriage culture.

What the hell does reaffirms the beauty of traditional marriage mean? I believe that it means that he hates the Obergefell decision by SCOTUS in 2015 and this is his way of passively-aggressively digging into the idea that all people should be afforded the legal protections that married couples enjoy. Why? Because that's how he and his ilk interpret the holy scriptures, even if it is antithetical to all of Jesus' teachings.

Alan, though not as combative as could be, is always the consummate professional. Thankfully, here, he gets to the meat of the matter by asking him some very relevant and tough questions. The first question is: Do you think you bear responsibility for anti-gay hatred given how much money your group has poured into anti-gay causes? It was hard for him to honestly refute that reality when Colmes knew the exact amount that his hate group/religious propaganda machine donated to anti-lgbt legislation in states like Maine and Washington.

Alan also asked him

why he continues to pursue anti-gay psycho-therapy when there's ample evidence that it doesn't work?

Daly claims that he does know of a case where it did work, but he couldn't answer Alan's follow-up that asked why is your version of traditional marriage better than marriage equality for all? Daly was thinking, It just is, dammit, case closed!

It's not too hard to find fault with Daly's rationale for supporting 'one man, one woman' marriage. He says because traditional marriage has existed for 5,000 years, so therefore, it's the preferable type of household. I guess he forgot the polygamy of Lot from his good book? He forgets a lot of things, just like all good GOP-'Christians.'

His argument is so incredibly weak, that had he been a person not peddling religious smut for profit, while pretending to be more hip with the younger generation, the second he cited the age of traditional marriage as the REASON to maintain that lifestyle and deny others their rights, he would have apologized and STFU. But that would nullify everything about Focus on the Family.

Trying to put lipstick on the Focus on the Family pig is not going to change the inherently hateful organization that absolutely is an anti-LGBT activism group. Sorry Jim Daly, but Alan clearly won this round.

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