Sean Hannity teamed up with his bigotry bro, Rudy Giuliani, to blame the violence in Charlotte, North Carolina last night, in the wake of yet another African American man shot and killed by police, on President Barack Obama.
September 23, 2016

Sean Hannity teamed up with his bigotry bro, Rudy Giuliani, to blame the violence in Charlotte, North Carolina last night, in the wake of yet another African American man shot and killed by police, on President Barack Obama with some heaping helpings of race baiting against other African Americans while they were at it.

Ironically, the live coverage of Charlotte pre-empted Hannity’s town hall with Donald Trump which was supposed to be an outreach to African Americans. But Hannity and Giuliani showed nothing but disrespect to those upset about the police killing of African American Keith Lamont Scott, which precipitated the protests. As I wrote yesterday when Hannity attempted to smear Terence Crutcher, the African American victim of a police killing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this was yet more proof that Trump’s choice of Hannity to host the town hall was a slap in the face of African Americans.

In the clip below, just a small section of Hannity’s two-hour live special, guest Geraldo Rivera tried to offer some perspective on behalf of the protesters:

RIVERA: You have 732 black guys killed in confrontations with cops. That’s not nothing. That’s not nothing.

Hannity interrupted to say, “I’m one of those that believes every life matters. I believe, as a Christian, that every life was granted by God.”

Despite Hannity’s deep, Christian concern for black lives, he spent the next seven minutes using the Charlotte protests and violence to smear Obama and Hillary Clinton, even though they had nothing to do with it. And Black Lives Matter.

As usual, Hannity began by complaining about the exact thing he would do, himself.

HANNITY: And one of the things that frustrates me here is we always seem to focus on cases that are brought up through a political prism because they advance a narrative and nobody seems to be getting or paying attention to how wrong the president has been. How wrong Hillary Clinton is. How wrong is it for them to embrace Black Lives Matter, people that dare to say, “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want ‘em? Now.” Are you serious? The president of the United States invites ‘em to the Oval Office?

Rivera argued that Hannity should aim his wrath at hip-hop artists and not random chanters of “pigs in a blanket” (which Fox cherrypicks and holds up as some kind of emblem of Black Lives Matter) “I’m not sure how many times that’s really happened,” Rivera said.

“One time is too much when you’re talking about dead cops,” Hannity replied.

That is, unless you’re a law-breaking, white racist like Cliven Bundy. In that case, Hannity (and Fox) egged on Bundy and his armed followers to overtly threaten law enforcers or worse. Until it became politically inexpedient.

Not surprisingly, Rivera did not bring up that inconvenient history. Nor Hannity’s long history of race baiting and palling around with racists.

Nevertheless, that was all the racial sensitivity Hannity could stand. He turned to Giuliani who packed so much politicized race baiting into the next six minutes, I lost count. First, Giuliani lectured President Obama

GIULIANI: You know who we haven’t seen tonight? The president of the United States. We haven’t seen the president of the United States tonight get on television and say, “You shouldn’t do this.”

Next, Giuliani suggested Keith Lamont Scott deserved to be shot and killed

Although Giuliani knows nothing more than the public about the death of Scott, which sparked the demonstrations that turned violent, Giuliani suggested Scott deserved his fate:

GIULIANI: Look, this is going to turn out to be a justified shooting.

… I understand the criminal justice system and I’m surprised Geraldo doesn’t understand it. You can’t put information like this out. I did it a couple of times, actually, and got severely criticized for doing it, put out the criminal records of people who were killed, in order to show that they were people who instigated violence, all throughout their lives.

And people like my good friend, Geraldo, are part of the problem here. There aren’t two sides to this story. There’s just one side, it’s called the truth. And people have to be told the truth.

Giuliani race baited President Obama and smeared African Americans while pretending to be a great champion of black lives

GIULIANI: A leader of the country has to be able to stand up and tell the truth. So that if he turns out to be wrong about Trayvon Martin, he turns out to be wrong about the ‘hands up,’ if he turns out to be wrong about a situation in which a police officer acted improperly, he should give a speech to the country, including to the African American community that’ll listen to him more than they would to me and say, “I was wrong” and the reason that we have so many confrontations – and there aren’t that many actually, but whatever number there are - between blacks and police officers, is because of the high level of crime, which is seven times per capita what it is in the white communities in these areas.

Now, I could have, when I was mayor, kept all my police officers on Park Avenue. They’d have been very happy. Except then I’d have 7,000 more black people dead. So the police are there because of the heavy amount of crime in those communities about which President Obama has said nothing, done nothing, nor does he offer any leadership in a situation like this where we have civil unrest to a point where we have people who are being killed and harmed and hurt. Where is the president tonight? Sleeping in his bed? Why shouldn’t he get on? Maybe he should have called the police chief today. If I were president, I’d have called the police chief today.

…We have a criminal justice system, it works. Our leaders, our president, our attorney general, for sure, has to get people to believe in our system, not attack it. And that’s all they do, attack it.

Really? Has Giuliani watched Fox News lately? From Trump baselessly calling our elections “rigged,” with Fox News support, from Fox’s widespread promotion of Bundy’s armed insurrection (including an article called “The Case for a Little Sedition”), to the promotion of Trump’s birtherism, to phony attacks on ObamaCare and on and on and on, it’s hard to think of a single part of "our system" that Fox has not attacked in the last eight years.

But Bundy-loving Hannity gushed, “You’re raising such incredible points here!”

“This is happening because of eight years of Barack Obama,” Giuliani said.

Apparently, our system that elected Obama twice is just another part of America that Giuliani and his Fox pals attack.

Watch this disgusting display above, from the September 21 Hannity.

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