October 27, 2017

This morning, Donald Trump once again worked on trying to obstruct justice and obscure truth by pressuring the Justice Department to lift a gag order on a FBI confidential informant in order to bolster the Fox News smokescreen around Uranium One.

It's as if the restrictions putting a firewall between the White House and the Justice Department with regard to criminal cases never existed with this guy. And then he has the nerve to call the stupid Uranium One bogus story as bad as Watergate? Seriously?

Jim Acosta saw right through Trump's smoke and mirrors.

"I was wondering, why did the president involve himself in the Uranium One investigation?," Acosta asked Huckabee Sanders. "Are you trying to gin up your own Russia investigation to rival the one up on Capitol Hill?"

Of course they are, Jim!

He also asked whether Trump actually had evidence and where is the president's evidence of collusion with Russia, which of course he doesn't have and which of course Huckabee Sanders ducked as she hid behind the brick wall of recalcitrance.

As for Trump's attempt to muddy the waters with a non-story, Sanders would like us to believe that it's all in the name of transparency! "The president has pushed for transparency if that's what you are referring to when dealing with Congress," she answered. "I know that's something new for a president to push for transparency. but that's what he has done and that was the purpose what he was trying to do."

Acosta pushed on the collusion question again, choosing to leave the bogus claim of "transparency" alone, but Sanders was quite comfortable behind her stone wall, simply claiming she'd already "addressed that pretty thoroughly," which is to say not at all.

This is, of course, because Trump tweeted this factless claim about Hillary while watching his favorite show this morning.

There is no evidence of what he tweeted, just like there was no evidence he was "wiretapped at Trump tower." He tweets this crap with no foundation and then when pressed on it, Sarah Huckabee Sanders stands tall amongst her stone walls.

America: Governed by an orange psychopath and enabled by a soulless spokeswoman.

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