Sean Hannity and his fellow Trump lickspittles were so busy cheerleading Donald Trump’s pledge to meet with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un – and using it as another excuse to hate on Democrats - they couldn’t be bothered to face the fact that Trump just gave a big gift to Kim without getting much in return.
March 9, 2018

Sean Hannity and his fellow Trump lickspittles were so busy cheerleading Donald Trump’s pledge to meet with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un – and using it as another excuse to hate on Democrats - they couldn’t be bothered to face the fact that Trump just gave a big gift to Kim without getting much in return. But Fox contributor Sebastian Gorka declared Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

Hannity teamed up with fake terrorism expert Sebastian Gorka (the Trumper thug and fugitive with ties to the Nazi party and an anti-Semitic website) and fellow toady and NRATV contributor Dan Bongino. His major national security credentials seem to be questionable claims of being “in the room during some of the most important conversations” while he was a Secret Service agent protecting Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

College drop-out Hannity’s idea of national security means doing whatever will help conservatives politically and/or damage the left. Let’s not forget that not long ago, Hannity was talking up military responses to North Korea and complaining about Obama and President Bill Clinton being appeasers.

But even by Hannity Hypocrisy standards, the B.S. was glaring. And potentially dangerous.

There are real concerns about Trump’s meeting with Kim

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad Trump has agreed to talk to Kim. But the path ahead is filled with extremely dangerous pitfalls that could easily trip up a guy like Trump. Our Asian allies seem more concerned than jubilant, e.g.

The New York Times' Nicholas Kristof laid out some truth that Hannity, et al. either didn’t know or deliberately chose to hide from viewers (my emphases added): There’s a misperception that the North Koreans’ offer of a summit is a grand concession. Not at all. It’s something they’ve been seeking for decades, but past presidents refused. So a summit constitutes a huge gift to Kim, and it’s puzzling that our Great Dealmaker should give up so much right off the bat.

More disturbing is the insight from Victor Cha, former National Security Council director for Asia under George W. Bush. It’s especially worrisome given Trump’s decimation of our diplomatic corps, including the lack of an ambassador to South Korea. Cha wrote (my emphases added): Finally, everyone should be aware that this dramatic act of diplomacy by these two unusual leaders, who love flair and drama, may also take us closer to war. Failed negotiations at the summit level leave all parties with no other recourse for diplomacy. In which case, as Mr. Trump has said, we really will have “run out of road” on North Korea.

Hannity, et al. suggest that Trump’s tough tweets made Kim want to talk to Trump

On Trump TV, Job One is to boost Dear Leader Trump’s image über alles. Here was the load of propagandistic crap the Hannity show heaped on viewers.

GORKA: It’s truly incredible, Sean, what a massive difference one election makes. We have an administration that’s not going to kowtow to evil regimes. It’s not going to fund terrorist regimes as you rightly pointed out with the JCPOA Iran deal.

American leadership is back. We have a president who has walked the walk, talked the talk, and carried a very large stick. He stood up to this Stalinist dictatorship in North Korea. And what’s happened in a matter of just a few months, they’ve backed down and they want to talk after decades and decades of appeasement.

This is the vindication of the president’s foreign policy. After the crushing of ISIS, this is perhaps the biggest foreign policy win that we have seen. And it’s less than a year and a half into the administration.

This is a problem that has plagued the West, plagued the Pacific region for decades. And, finally, there is hope of resolution. Remember, what Reagan said, trust be verify, but we are on the way to stabilizing the peninsula.

HANNITY: Well said.


BONGINO: Absolutely. Sean, a couple points on this. You know, one of the lessons a lot of these hostile geopolitical actors learned around the world after the Iraq War was never ever go to war with the United States without nuclear weapons. You will be annihilated and annihilated quickly.

Well, the Kim regime learned from that and they have been holding the threat of nuclear war like a gun to the head of the world now for years. But think about what happened. They took advantage of our predictability on this, Sean, and we have been predictable through Democrat and Republican administrations.

Then, we get a Queens builder in office who drops a couple DEFCON 1 level tweets in there. He’s entirely unpredictable and, all of the sudden, they want to chat about denuclearization. I think Trump deserves even from his liberal haters and they are many and legion in the media, deserves a little bit of credit for what Dr. Gorka said and he is right a major, major foreign policy breakthrough.

HANNITY: You know, very predictably, Dr. Gorka, the left only seems to like it if we are bowing and kissing the rings of murdering dictators and offering them bribes. While offering bribes with Bill Clinton and Kim Jong Il didn't work. It's not going to work with the mullahs in Tehran.

And this president took a different response. And it absolutely sent the media in this country, they were apoplectic over the fact that he called little rocket man, little rocket man. Make fun of him, yes, our weapons actually work and we have a lot more than you do and you are going to pay a very severe price.

Hannity, et al. weaponized a potentially important national security breakthrough

Admiring Trump and being glad we took a possible step back from the brink of nuclear war seemed secondary to the politics for this group of phony patriots. They could hardly wait to use the news to attack those who disagree with them. Not one moment was spent on helping to advance unity behind Trump’s effort – unless your idea of unity is cudgeling Trump’s opponents, critics or skeptics into humiliation and submission:

GORKA: I just want to see the headlines tomorrow, Sean, in ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Washington Post,’ on CNN, in ‘The Huffington Post’, that they’re going to eat crow because the president’s policies worked.

Do you know what the real irony is? Guess who got the Nobel Peace Prize in the man who flamed out with his policy, Barack Obama. Who deserves a Peace Prize right now? It’s Donald Trump for what he is bringing to the Korean peninsula. That’s the truth.

HANNITY: Let me go, Dan Bongino to the actual statement. I think this is really profound and I brought this up with John Roberts. And John Roberts insight into the president—I’m not trying to start a war. I want peace here.

But peace doesn’t begin by begging dictators to be nice to us. We are nice to you and bribe you will you please be nice back. But this is bigger than just stopping the nuclear testing and the missile testing that’s been going on. This is about denuclearization.

And in the meantime, the joint exercises continue with South Korea and our allies. In the meantime, the sanctions continue. The president has given up nothing. And it seems like little rocket man blinked and blinked big time tonight because it’s been working and he sees this as a real threat.

BONGINO: ... You know, strength matters. Don’t expect anybody in the left in the media, Sean, to give him any credit for this. As we saw with Reagan and his crushing Soviet Union, they went after Reagan, not the Soviet Union. Just like they did, by the way, when they went after Trump when he went after the North Korean leader, a sworn enemy of the United States, you know, the left and the media spend inordinate amount of time fighting fake enemies, inanimate statues and things like that, and leaving the real enemies of the United States alone.

But I think Dr. Gorka is right. I think there is going to be a whole lot of servings of crow getting ready to be served tomorrow to the media on the left. This is unquestionable a major breakthrough. I was actually astonished by this tonight when it came out. I’m not surprised by much.

Watch the propaganda above, from the March 8, 2018 Hannity.

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