Katon Dawson claims ignorance about what goes on in college wrestlers' "saunas." Just like "Jimmy" Jordan didn't know about the sexual abuse of the kids in his charge at Ohio State.
July 8, 2018

If you're a Democrat, don't get your hopes up; if you're a Republican, rest assured: Jim Jordan's not going anywhere, according to a very calm Katon Dawson on AM Joy this morning.

It's not like Jordan is Roy Moore, who lost where no Republican should have. He'll undoubtedly win his seat. It's not like winning a seat should have anything to do with character anyhow, amirite?

Nah, Katon Dawson isn't concerned about the allegations brought forth by now SEVEN former wrestlers with Ohio State University that their team doctor sexually molested them on the regular, and the related allegations that Jim Jordan, as the assistant coach, knew about it and did nothing. He believes "Jimmy" when he says that's not true, anyhow, and all that matters is winning the election in November.

DAWSON: Jim Jordan's district in Ohio, it's equivalent to the Trey Gowdy's district in South Carolina. It's a very conservative district.

He's won every election by overwhelming numbers. My calls in to Ohio last night and this morning were, he's solid, he'll be a congressman after the November race.

That's the politics of it are that he's in great shape in his district.

Now in the Freedom Caucus, that's another story. How this plays out and whether it becomes a lawsuit or any litigation or whether Ohio state's investigation that they upturn any wrongdoing, but right now, it seems to matter to the people of Ohio, Ohio State University and the Freedom Caucus.

Do I think the Speaker's race, and Jim's being a candidate to be Speaker is wrapped up in this? Nothing in politics happens by itself. I'm not giving a conspiracy theory, here, Joy, but as far as the Republican Party is concerned and the Republican votes, he's going to win in November, and that will dispel some of the Republican concerns of this and whether he was in charge of it or condoned it, which no one thinks he did as a well-known star, NCAA winner in the wrestling competitions.

So I get the story, it's an uncomfortable story to talk about. It's an uncomfortable thing. But -- I'm not familiar with the wrestling world or what goes on in these saunas, but at the end of the day, Jim Jordan's political future is pretty safe.

Whew! At least he admitted molesting young people and covering it up is an "uncomfortable" topic. Reid tried to compare the situation to Roy Moore's -- another disgusting situation where the Republican party of "family values" and "conservative Christianity" voted overwhelmingly in favor of a man who was known to prey on underaged girls. Other than the fact that child sexual abuse is "uncomfortable," Dawson refused to discuss his party's dismissal, acceptance, complicity in it because all that really matters to him is if the candidate can win or lose their race. Are we in all nine of Dante's Circles of Hell, or what?

DAWSON: There were consequences in the Roy Moore -- there were. Republicans stayed home and didn't go vote. They got beat.

REID: But they still voted overwhelmingly FOR MOORE. Moore won overwhelmingly among Republicans. It's just that more Democrats voted.

DAWSON: They did in the primary. As the information came out and got greater, he was beat in a place that no one should have lost. No Republican Senate seat and certainly Jeff Sessions' seat.

REID: But he still overwhelmingly won Republicans, it's just that more Democrats and Independents voted than Republicans. If you break down the Roy Moore race--we should make it clear, Jim Jordan is not accused of sexually abusing anyone. He's accused of potentially knowing about it and not doing anything about it. It isn't the same as Roy Moore. In the case of Roy Moore, he overwhelmingly won Republicans. Just that they were more Democrats and Independents.

DAWSON: He certainly did lose the U.S. Senate seat and that had an awful lot to do it.

REID: Do you think Jordan will have consequences for, in this case, being alleged to have known about this abuse and not done anything?

DAWSON: I don't see the similarities between the two. I think that Jimmy will certainly be successful in the fall. He will be a player in the Freedom Caucus and how this turns out. The Ohio State investigation, I think, will probably put some sunlight on this issue. But, again, I'm not willing to condemn the Congressman at this time. We'll see how it plays out. But it is suspect to me all of this is out as soon as Jimmy starts really making a move towards the Speaker's chair.

See, that's all that matters to the Republican Party: WINNING ELECTIONS. Power, no matter the character of the slime-creature who holds it. They won't condemn "Jimmy" for guarding the door while the good team doc fondled kids' genitals while treating them for a thumb injury. Hey - those kids won trophies for Ohio State, so what's the harm, really?

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