August 7, 2018

CNN's "Pulse of the People" segment got heated when half of the Trump voters on the panel explained why they regretted their vote.

Some of these Trump voters are actually paying attention to Trump's actions and words in office.

CNN's Alisyn Camerota hosted another Trump voter panel, who pass around conspiracy theories like iced tea, but this time she had on some disillusioned voters in the mix to offset the blind obedience of past panels.

After a Trump supporter told the panel Trump has delivered on every promise he's made, another stepped in and expressed his horror.

Jeremy Montanez replied, "In my mind, I think he's a monster. I think he's a bigot and doing things to ruin people's lives. I don't think -- I think he's taken this country in the wrong direction and it's a terrifying time for me."

Jeremy got turned off to Trump over his border actions like family separations and children in cages.

Pro-Trump voter Arthur Schaper echoed the Trump administration by saying, "If you don't want to be separated from your family, don't come illegally."

Host Camerota usually has to step in and ask pertinent questions during these panels, but that role was handled mostly by the disgusted Trump voters.

Alisyn did remind then that it was Trump that started the zero-tolerance policy that separated families.

Bianca Gracia, a evangelical Trump supporter brought up the kids and their suceptibility to sex-traffickers. Alisyn reported that 572 kids not involved in those problems may never see their parents again.

Disgruntled Trump voter Christopher Gagin said, "This is the problem with what the president is doing. He's able to divide us on these issues where we're now fighting amongst ourselves. You look at Charlottesville, the separation of families on the border and the tweeting."

He continued, "I've never seen an individual who is so so good at connecting with average people that has no ability to communicate or control the way he communicates."

Damani Bryant said "I think it's disingenuous to say that President Trump is wholly responsible for the bifurcation we see across party lines right now." He admitted Trump isn't helping.

Maryse Selit came out swinging saying, "My issue with this president, who I voted for, is the fact that he has something negative to say about every other leader. But you try saying one little comment that's negative about Trump himself he jumps into a fit and has a Twitter tirade."

She continued, "We have a lot of really -- I have to be crass about it, idiots who voted for him, including myself at one time."

Andy Schaper shot back, "I take great offense. I'm not an idiot. It's a wise decision for people who voted for him.".

Jeremy Montanez replied, "I want to apologize to the nation for my vote. It was the wrong thing to do, the biggest mistake I ever made. He is a racist...."

Damani proclaimed that Trump has done "so much for the black community." The panel members began arguing amongst themselves which discussed Trump racial tendencies of vilifying so many African American politicians and athletes.

And the hypocrisy of the religious right came pouring our from Bianca Gracia, who repeatedly said Hispanics in this order care about "God, family, jobs and education."

She doesn't care about anything he tweets or says.

When asked about Trump cheating on his wife and paying off women to keep quiet she resorted to the "forgiveness clause" instilled by the biggest frauds and con men in the Evangelical community.

Gracia, "We are taught as Christians to be forgiving. I'm not going to get into his personal life. That was not something that I weighed in to go vote for him."

And then came the kicker.

"Anything was better than Hillary," she said.

Hate radio's goal has been to make right-wing voters hate the left so much they would vote for a pedophile over a Democrat.

Camerota asked, "But when you hear about the "Playboy" stuff, does it make you uncomfortable?"

Gracia replied, "No, I'm not here to judge what he did on his miscellaneous activities or outside his bedroom. I voted for him for his policies and agenda to put this country back on track."

Trump's Evangelical supporters are the worst hypocrites of the lot. They'll impeach a Democrat and give Trump a complete pass for corruption and sexual misconduct.

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