March 5, 2019

That screeching sound you hear is the Trump enablers over on his propaganda network losing their collective minds now that the House Judiciary Committee has issued document requests to over 81 Trump-related people and entities.

The panel on Fox's Outnumbered went on the attack right out of the box this Monday, with guest Larry Elder winning the prize for the day with the most ridiculous analogy imaginable, and pretending there aren't actual crimes being investigated in the case of the Trump administration.

FRANCIS: These interrogation requests have gone out already, and then you have Nadler saying, "no, we haven't even sent yet."

ELDER: Melissa, the last sound but you played of Trump saying, "They're going crazy, they are going nuts!" It sounds like hyperbole. But if you stood back and just asked yourself, this, let's suppose it's the third year of investigating the new president named Barack Obama for allegedly engaging in collusion.

And the evidence of collusion is this lame. The country would literally be on fire. I think the way Republicans have behaved has been quite respectable considering the outrageous charges, the lack of substance, the lack of evidence. If we had evidence of collusion or corruption, believe me, Adam Schiff would have leaked it by now. It's not there.

I just want people who are pursuing this ask themselves, if this were president Barack Obama, Republicans came up with some dossier that they paid for, use that to get a warrant, somehow started an investigation to collusion, it's now into the third year and they've got bupkis and they're still doing, and now they're switching the goalposts. The country would literally be on fire.

I hate to remind Elder of this, but Republicans did exactly that for the eight years Obama was in office with investigations into everything from Fast & Furious, to their made up IRS "scandal," to Benghazi, to tan suits, to mustard, to you name it, all of which were promoted and lied about endlessly by the propagandists on Fox "news."

After cohost Harris Faulkner reminded Elder that Bill Clinton might make a better comparison than Obama and then played the false equivalency game over whether there might be Congressional overreach, and what “lessons might be learned” from the way Republicans treated Clinton, Elder seemed to develop a bad case of selective amnesia about the number of indictments and plea deals so far in the Mueller investigation.

ELDER: Let me say something about the Ken Starr investigation. To this day, Bill Clinton called it a witch hunt. There were 14 convictions. Including the sitting governor of Arkansas, including one of his closest friends who ran that crooked bank. Yet he still calls it collusion... calls it a witch hunt. If that's a witch hunt, what is this?

After more whining by the rest of the Outnumbered hosts about how terrible it is that Democrats are moving the goalposts and may want to look at crimes Trump may have committed before becoming president, and opining about how those “real 'Murkins” in the middle of the country really don't care about any of this, Elder wrapped things up with, what else... but her emails!!!

ELDER: And I think a lot of regular Americans, as you put it, are sitting home going, how does Hillary skate with having an unsecured server in her basement where she sent and received classified information, lied about it, destroys the documents that are under subpoena, and she skated? Because the FBI, James Comey, said that the statute did not require intent, when, in fact, it did. And so a lot of people are looking at this and going, this is just unfair, a double standard, as I said before. Hillary got a pass and this president is now being hounded like this?

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