Mike's Blog Round Up
Credit: photo by M. Bouffant
July 5, 2019

Yes, I lived through yesterday's earthquake, thanks for asking. More like slept through it, really. How's your July Fourth hangover?

"What Did the Vice President Know, and When Did He Know It?" asks Adele Stan, & she's not asking about the "emergency" return to Washington earlier this wk. that Buttermilk Sky looked at.

At The Rectification of Names, Yastreblyansky presents Trump in his own words on homelessness, Calif., yada. (And what's this month-old "Trump crying" stuff? How'd I miss that?)

No-Pride Month: Jobsanger checks the Gallup Poll; Americans aren't so proud of America.

Another loss to our culture (or our pathetic nostalgia for the culture of our long-gone youth): MAD magazine. Stinque's NOJO has memories & some details.

Thrown together by M. Bouffant, who is expecting to be squashed beneath several tons of masonry when the next aftershock hits.

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