February 14, 2020

Trump's Roy Cohn Attorney General Bill Barr told ABC News that Trump's tweeting has made it impossible to do his job. Now, that might seem kind of difficult to parse if you have more than two synapses to rub together. Was Barr simply saying the quiet part out loud?

Was he trying to make stupid people believe the pretzel-logic of his actual explanation? (That he'd decided to intervene before Trump tweeted, and the tweet put Barr in the uncomfortable position of having to decide between intervening, which would make it seem like he was doing it because Trump made him, or not intervening which would be wrong because he'd already decided it was the right thing to do — are you still with me?)

Fortunately, we're talking about Lou Dobbs, here, and he does NOT have two synapses to rub together, so THIS was his interpretation of Bill Barr's interview with ABC News:

DOBBS: He [Trump] is keeping his promise as candidate for the office that he holds. He is also expressing himself fully, freely, and directly to the American people, without going through the sage intermediaries of the national left-wing media. And, it's just, I guess I am so disappointed in Bill Barr, I have to say this. You know, it's a damn shame when he doesn't get what this president has gone through, and what the American people have gone through, and what his charge is as attorney general. And by god, if he's gonna complain, I just want to endorse everything you've said. Those are all things to complain about.

But where the HELL is the report? Where the HELL are the indictments against the corrupt, the politically corrupt Deep State within the Justice Department, the FBI, and why in the HELL aren't we hearing apologies from someone in that rancid, corrupt department about what they permitted? Because they had to have enablers by the dozens to pull off what they did. The 26 names that we can go through on the FBI and the Justice Department. But then, to hear this attorney general complain about this president, who's fighting every one of those damn people to do the right thing and to get this country straightened out, and it's his mission to do so. Not to carp about about his boss.

And by the way, I don't want to hear any CRAP about an independent Justice Department! This Justice Department, as does everyone, works for the president. It is part of the Executive Branch.

Did we catch that, kids? Oh, Dobbs is hopping mad at that mean AG dared speaketh a harsh word about his lord and savior Donald Trump. He's so angry that he, Dobbs, HIMSELF said the quiet part out loud.

"I don't want to hear any CRAP about an independent Justice Department!"

Welp. There it is. I mean, the Deep State conspiracy tin foil hat spizzola is old hat already, but now we're getting somewhere. Independent Justice Department? Who needs it? You get on your knees pronto before Dear Leader, or else.

Mind you, this is all theater, too. Barr had permission to "act" upset about Trump's tweets, and Dobbs and Barr are on exactly the same page. They're all just playing their roles in the ways they think will best keep all the gears turning in the direction they want until they've achieved their ultimate goal. Unilateral, consolidated control under the Executive Branch.

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