February 14, 2020

The Attorney General is corrupt as fark and we all know it.

It's good to see Rep. Val Demings, who rocked at the Impeachment trial, come out swinging at AG Barr and his violations against justice and law. And his nonsense about the tweeting as some sort of "new distancing from the president?" Please.

BURNETT: I want to go out front now to Democratic congressman Val Demings. She's on the House Jjudiciary. She served as a House impeachment manager. You saw her in the Senate day after day making the case. What do you think about the way this is happening? Why is Barr choosing to speak out in this way in a public national interview instead of privately?

DEMINGS: It's good to be back with you. Let me say this, it's interesting to hear Attorney General Barr talk about what he said in the confirmation hearing. He said all the right things in his hearing. Someone once said don't listen to what I say, look at what I do. If you look at what Attorney General Barr has done, there's been no daylight between him and the White House. Attorney General Barr, as you remember miscategorized the conclusions in the Mueller report, basically misleading the American people. The attorney general then helped President Trump congress's in oversight. I have no faith or confidence in what William Barr has said. I think Roger Stone has turned up the heat a bit. The president has been impeached and just went through a trial really can't take that. And I think I would not be surprised, Erin, if the attorney general and the president were not in cahoots in terms of Barr making a public statement to the American people.

BURNETT: Interesting. So, when Barr comes out and tells Trump to stop tweeting -- let me play that part again to the point you just made, I want to play that again. Here it is, Congresswoman.

(begin video)
BARR: To have public statements and tweets made about the department, about our people in the department, our men and women here, about cases pending in the department and about judges before whom we have cases make it impossible for me to do my job and to assure the courts and the prosecutors in the department that we're doing our work with integrity.
(end video)

BURNETT: So, this is interesting, congresswoman. So, are you hearing there then this isn't about the tweets. That's the fig leaf. What this is really about is Barr saying I wanted a more lenient sentence for roger stone. Yeah, president and I were in agreement. What I want you to take away is I want that separate from him, geez if that guy would stop tweeting, all this would go away. So, the tweet is the fig leaf?

DEMINGS: I think that's correct, Erin. I'm not falling for it. I hope the American people are not falling for it. What we know the president. He loves to boast and be out front. I do think when the president and his attorney general has a plan that they think can work, when the president tweets about it, it does call complications for the attorney general but not in terms of doing the right thing but in terms of doing the wrong thing and really undermining the Department of Justice that we have in this country.

BURNETT: You, as I mentioned, congresswoman, were one of the House members. You were making the case to remove this president from office due to his actions with the Ukrainian president. The point you made repeatedly was that if trump gets away with pressuring Ukrainian President Zelensky, he will do it again. I want to be sure you heard what President Trump said about future calls with world leaders. Here he is.

TRUMP: When you call a foreign leader, people listen. I may end the practice entirely. I may have to -- I may end it entirely.
(end video)

BURNETT: You're on the Judiciary Committee, Intelligence Committee, what do you say to that?

DEMINGS: I say first of all that I am not surprised. But I certainly hope the senators who voted to acquit the president hear loud and clear what the president has said. Let me also remind you in our case we tried to make it quite clear through documents and evidence that was presented through the senate that the president would not only use/abuse his power to influence or get government powers involved, that he could use his powers in a domestic way to withhold money and funds to coerce people into basically doing what he wanted them to. So, it doesn't surprise me. The president has no intention of stopping his wrongdoing. He just wants to continue to cover it up and will look to people like William Barr, others in the senate, and others in the house who have turned a complete blind eye and deaf ear to his wrongdoing.

BURNETT: All right, Congresswoman Demings. I appreciate your time together, and I thank you.

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