Over at Free Republic, the wingnuts and conspiracy theorists are none too happy with an article from the Dallas Morning News about the rising number of coronavirus infections in Texas and the governor's response.
Freepers Explain The Coronavirus For You
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June 26, 2020

Here's a Dallas Morning News story about the rising number of coronavirus infections in Texas and the governor's response.

Gov. Greg Abbott sternly warned Texans of “rampant” spread of coronavirus that took the state to a new high Tuesday of more than 5,000 new cases in a single day.

Saying Texans should stay home unless they have a good reason to venture out, Abbott late Tuesday afternoon gave local officials more powers to limit public gatherings during the upcoming Fourth of July weekend.

He expanded the ability of mayors and county judges to restrict outdoor gatherings of over 100 people -- down from the previous limit of more than 500 people in outdoor gatherings. Previously, this applied only to outdoor gatherings over 500 people. Abbott also told the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to enact emergency rules that provide strict health and safety standards and procedures related to COVID-19 for child care centers in Texas. The decrees were based on data showing an increase in COVID-19 transmission stemming from large gatherings and child care centers, the governor’s office said....

Over at Free Republic, they're having none of this.

Good luck with that here in Texas. People are done with it. We may see this in a certain few counties where the largest cities are, but everywhere else will be getting back to normal... whether the government likes it or not.


Abbot became a p***y this week, either he is part of "cheap labor express" or he has been threatened.

Either way, Trump will most likely lose Texas and the election now, since mail-in voting during the general election will probable be the outcome of all of this ...


I guess we’re learning that the virus operates on ITS TERMS, not our terms. In other words, we get tired of trying to control the spread - it just comes right back, and even worse.

(Yes, it's simply impossible to do anything that slows the spread of the virus! So why even try?)

Notice they never put the numbers IN CONTEXT. Fear mongering the unfortunately works so well with Sheeple

(On the right, all you need to do to get nods of agreement is to include the word "sheeple" in whatever you post. Invoking the "sheeple" is all the proof you need that you're right.)

Are they counting positive antibody tests in the new cases stat, anyone know?


Jack Windsor wmfd tv explained to DeWine about the increase in the number of positive tests. People who have been quarantined have had numerous tests to get out of seclusion.

7 positive tests from 1 person

It is not 7 new positive cases.

DeWine shrugged it off.

(This is a conspiracy theory I'm not familiar with, and I'm not sure I want to know about it.)

No public gatherings for fireworks??

Time to protest with pyrotechnics


Cases are one thing, hospitalizations are another.

How many new hospitalizations?

(Hospitalizations in Texas have recently risen 60 percent in a week, since you asked.)

Hospitals are testing all admissions.

A positive goes on the books as the cause for admission.

People are going in for elective procedures and the staff is listing them as CV.

Of course the numbers are going up.


... I mean, you lock people away for a couple of months then are shocked when cases rise as people resume their semi-normal lives. What, dear governor did you think would happen? That the virus would just "give up" and go somewhere else? There is no "somewhere else"!! People who haven't been exposed because they've been ordered under involuntary house arrest by the governor(s) haven't been exposed to the virus so they haven't developed any antibodies for natural immunity. This isn't hard to figure out, governor(s)!

Recall that the whole idea was to slow down the infection rate so as not to overload our healthcare system ... remember? Well, the healthcare system today, even with the "surge" of new cases (the direct result of the deliberate action of the governors to isolate even healthy people, is not in any danger of being "overloaded." (As an aside, it's clear that the wearing of masks/daylong snot rags and the fictional "benefits" of (anti)-social distancing mandated by most of the governors aren't doing a damn thing to "stop the spread of the virus". Can't you see that, governor?!)

Easier to understand is why the Democrat/Left governors are continuing to behave this way. They clearly want to retard economic growth and sustain an ultra-high, though irrational, sense of fear, anxiety, distrust and anger among Americans just long enough to get the Democrat/Left Party to the 2020 election.


Good. I have a strong feeling the rise is due to increased testing. I also believe that people being admitted to a hospital for other reasons are being tested for Covid. If they show a positive result that is counted as a Covid diagnosis sans the actual reason for admission.




... Who gives a rip if someone gets sick for a couple days, or how many.

99.5% will recover


And there is always BHT (butylatedhydroxytouluene) which disables most lipid coated viruses including the corona virus, influenza, shingles and herpes amongst many others. Suggested starting dosage is anywhere from 250mg to 450mg can be doubled for several days, but suggested to remain in the 500mg range or below. For better absorption it is recommended to dissolve BHT first in oil, olive oil will do nicely and to speed up dissolving a few seconds in a microwave or set the container with the oil solution in a hot water bath. Why dissolving in oil first? BHT will only dissolve in either oil or alcohol and by going this route it will speed up absorption and you get by using smaller amounts of it.

One suggested way is to take 200ml (milliliter) of olive oil and dissolve 18 gm of BHT, or 277.782 grains if you using a powder scale used for re-loading. Each tsp. depending on its size should give you approx. 450 mg of BHT. It is better to be pro-active by taking BHT, even so BHT will still kill the virus but it cannot cure any of the other problems which the virus may have created. I hope they come up with a vaccine, but would not hold my breath. More detailed info upon reply.


Maybe the Dems are seeding the virus throughout the population.

Everyone is in a conspiracy against Real Americans. Democrats. A very conservative governor. Even hospitals. Don't they understand that nearly everyone walks away from COVID-19 without a scratch, and the ones who don't had it coming? But as one poster says, all this will be going on "just until Trump is out of office, then the miracle happens, and the virus 'magically' goes away!"

They believe all this. They believe that everything in life they don't like is fakery generated by evil conspiratorialists. The belief in the tolerability of the virus is theological -- shutting down the economy is bad, a crisis in Trump's reelection year is bad, so they can't believe what the rest of us believe. They have to believe an enemy made all this up specifically to hurt them, out of malice. And people they used to regard as allies are in on the conspiracy, if they don't agree with the nothing-to-see-here-move-along narrative.

This is the dominant voting bloc in America. I don't know how sane people can continue to live in coexistence with these folks.

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