Moms in Portland linked arms and stood as a barrier in front of other protesters to protect them from Trump's DHS stormtroopers.
Portland Moms Gassed For Standing Up To DHS Stormtroopers
July 19, 2020

Portland is still Ground Zero for Donald Trump's War on America. Saturday night his stormtroopers unloaded their ammo on...moms. No lie.

Here is where it started. Moms protesting police brutality showed up to form a human barricade just before dark:

The group and the chain grew as they chanted:

Now, the feds have put up fences around the courthouse, around the park in the vicinity of the protesters, and those fences are not to be trifled with, according to preschool teacher and impromptu reporter Lindsey Smith, who tweeted this whole thing in real time.

The Black Bloc is in the house, and they're doing the things that trigger feds, like taking down fences.

The moms stand between where the stormtroopers are and the rest of the protesters.

Things escalate with tension between Black Bloc protesters and the moms and others in the street:

And things keep escalating, but the moms stand firm.

It's not long before that question is answered:

If you've been watching the videos, you know that at least one of those moms is pregnant, and I don't want to hear anyone say she shouldn't have been there putting her child in danger. That child will be a United States citizen at the moment he/she is born, and it would be great if that citizenship came with the same rights and responsibilities we've enjoyed up until this fascist regime came into power.

To be clear, the tear gas came later than usual because of the moms' human barricade, but in the end, the feds said, "Fck it, let's just gas them all" and that's exactly what they did.

Here's Trump's fascism, coming soon to a city near you if it hasn't already arrived.

UPDATE: Even more moms turned out last night.

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