September 22, 2020

Brianna Keilar interview White House Anti-Communication Director, Brian Morgenstern, on Monday afternoon and after being asked at least 20 times to provide a timeline for the arrival of the Trump Healthcare Plan that we have been promised for almost four years, we still have no answer.

Want to know why?


There is no healthcare plan. Trump has no plans to replace anything, he just wants to demolish Obamacare because it has the word "Obama" in it. If we renamed it "Trumpcare" but left it 100% the same, Trump would leave it alone.

Watch this pathetic, weak, sniveling response to direct questions:

KEILAR: I don't, I don't, that has nothing to do with the hypocrisy of Republicans you just listened to, but let's talk about something that I think you and I agree on. If you fill this vacancy, Obamare is likely dead. So where is your plan to replace it?

MORGENSTERN: So the President has taken a number of steps in the health care space. I would not agree with your premise of hypocrisy...with respect to Obamacare. The president is committed to protecting preexisting conditions, he's alluded to his executive actions he can do in that regard. He has also taken steps to reduce drug prices, plans more affordable available to the American people, he's made telemedicine more available and so he is about reducing costs, expanding access, especially with the measures he's already taken and said in the media in recent weeks and he will have more to say on health care as well, and he is 100% committed to protecting prexsting conditions.

KEILAR: People are already voting. Where is the plan?

MORGENSTERN: He has said -- the people can get a pretty good preview of the way the president views health care in this country and how to expand access and reduce costs with steps and will -- take additional steps.

KEILAR: Brian, Brian, listen, listen. Listen to what he said less than a week ago, this is what he said about having a plan ready.


STEPHANOPOULOS: You have been promising a new health care plan. I interviewed you in June of last year saying it would come in two weeks. You told Chris Wallace this summer in three weeks.

TRUMP: I have it all ready.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You have been trying to strike down preexisting conditions.

TRUMP: I have it all ready and it is a much better plan for you.

(end clip)

KEILAR: It is all ready. Six days ago. Where's the plan, Brian?

MORGENSTERN: The president will roll it out when he is ready to do so and focus on expanding access --

KEILAR: Brian, where is is the plan? We are six weeks from the election. He'll roll it out when he is ready? People are voting. He's been promising this over the summer. He has been promising this for years. He is asking the Supreme Court in a moment that it will get soon to get rid of Obamacare. He has to have something to replace that if he's going to make good on the promises. Where is the plan?

MORGENSTERN: He's already eliminated the individual mandate, he's lowered prescription drug costs, expanded healthcare options. He's already expanded telemedicine and he'll have more to say on the subject very soon.

KEILAR: Well there is no plan. These are executive orders. On the issue of preexisting conditions -- when he is talking about a comprehensive plan. People are concerned about their preexisting conditions. You heard this last week from voters. You're looking at an estimated 12 million people in this pandemic who may be losing the employer provided insurance so where is the plan that they need and that they should have if we listen to what the President has said? Where is the plan?

MORGENSTERN: I appreciate your persistence. You now asked me the same question a number of times.

KEILAR: I have gotten the answer no times. I have not gotten an answer.

MORGENSTERN: A more comprehensive view, but you can get a preview already from the many comments he's made and actions taken.


MORGENSTERN: He's committed to protecting preexisting conditions. He's lowered costs.

KEILAR: When will he release the plan?


KEILAR: He's promising veryh soon and blown past his own deadlines. Before the election?

MORGENSTERN: He will be -- very soon. Very transparent on this policy as he is with his other policies. The American people will never have to guess where President Trump stands on a very important issue.

KEILAR: They will have to guess where he stand on this issue. Let's listen to what he's said over the summer about the timing of his plan.


I'll be signing a health care plan within two weeks. A full and complete health care plan that the Supreme Court decision on DACA gave me the right to do. We'll sign an immigration plan, a health care plan and various other plans and nobody will have done what I'm doing in the next four weeks. I want to say that we will be introducing a tremendous health care plan sometime prior -- hopefully prior to the end of the month. it is just about completed now. Over the next two weeks I'm pursuing a major executive order of health insurance companies to cover all preexisting conditions for all customers. That is a big thing.

(end clip)

KEILAR: I'll ask you again, Brian. The plan is long overdue. Why is the plan not out?

MORGENSTERN: It will be out very soon. I don't know if you expected me to bring it with me here to this interview but the president will release it on his timeline very soon and will again --

KEILAR: No, no. Brian, to be clear, Brian, he put his time line out there. That's completely false. He is not releasing it on his timeline. Is there even a plan?

MORGENSTERN: It's his timeline. There is a plan. He will describe it clearly to the American people. It will reduce costs and expand access and the American people will have a good look at it and will be pleased with it because --

KEILAR: How is he going to protect preexisting conditions, with an executive order? you know that's not how it works.

MORGENSTERN: He's already --

KEILAR: He has already asked the Supreme Court to get rid of Obamacare which protects people with preexisting conditions.

Absolutely stellar interview. This is how you interview lying White House mouthpieces who are determined to squirm out of answering the most basic questions.

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