October 28, 2020

COVID19 is exploding in the state of Wisconsin.

So Hogan Gidley, Trump's campaign spokesman, was asked why Mike Pence was still intent on campaigning there. Did the White House have any concerns given that the hospitals in Wisconsin are near capacity?

Gidley said he wasn't worried because Pence is surrounded by the best doctors.

The lack of empathy, care or worry for the average American in the Trump reelection campaign is indicative of how Trump has handled the coronavirus from the beginning.

They care not what happens to Americans that have been exposed to the virus just so long as they support Donald Trump and vote for him.

Sickness and death be damned!

CNN's Allison Camerota quizzed Trump's campaign spox about why they are campaigning in Wisconsin after there's been an outbreak in the state as well as an outbreak in the VP's camp.

Camerota said, "Hospitals in Wisconsin or near capacity. Does that give you any pause or the Vice President any pause about going there and holding a big rally?

Gidley said, "No, it doesn't."

Of course it doesn't. Pause means they take COVID19 seriously.

Gidley continued, "The Vice President has the best doctors in the world around him. They've obviously contact traced and have come to the conclusion it's fine for him to be out on the campaign trail."

See, screw Wisconsin's people, because Pence can be protected and cared for with enormous resources while Wisconsinites are left to fend for themselves.

Do you really believe the vice president has done any contact tracing? Aren't they interested in promoting the herd immunity faux theory that their new number one task force member Dr. Scott Atlas has been promoting for Donald Trump?

In a normal administration, wouldn't they cancel all events in a state that is booming with infections. instead of holding super-spreader events?

Gidley's response is to claim the First Amendment gives then the right to infect US constituents of the virus at will.

UPDATE: The Wisconsin Badgers football team has stopped all team activities due to a COVID outbreak

The Wisconsin Badgers football team announced Wednesday morning that they have paused team activities and as a result Saturday’s contest between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Wisconsin Badgers will be cancelled as a result of multiple cases of COVID-19 on the Badgers’ football team.

The decision to pause team activities was made by Chancellor Blank and Athletic Director Barry Alvarez. As of Wednesday morning, 12 members of the Badger football team had tested positive; six players and six staff members. Head Coach Paul Chryst has one of the positive cases.


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