November 11, 2020

Welp. Donny Deutsch seems to have nailed it.

He's not the first to suggest that Donald Trump plans to parlay his politically disastrous life into some money-making media venture. Just like he parlayed his disastrous real estate/business life into a money-making reality-TV venture. The way Deutsch explains it on Deadline White House makes a good deal of sense, and he is not concerned in the slightest that Trump won't vacate the White House on January 20, 2021, despite the fact that exactly four Republicans have acknowledged Joe Biden won the election — none of them holding a position of significant power, or a position in Trump's administration.

The terrifying thing about Deutsch's prediction is that through his media ventures, Trump will exert significant political power as a king-maker of sorts.

DEUTSCH: Donald Trump will be controlling the 20% that votes in every primary going forward, and every politician knows that, and this is like the blood identity thing. Trump is an idea, more than even Trump, and it is basically, you don't want to be in a position a year, two years, three years from now, where you weren't part of this club that made the last stand. The bottom line is, and everybody needs to relax, and frank served this up really well. Donald Trump will be leaving office January 20th, and the reason to maybe feel better about why this is happening. I talked about this right after there was a chance he was going to be leaving after the impeachment. Donald Trump is in pre-production right now. Donald trump is going to be starting the Trump Revolutionary Network, a subscription model. He's already trademarked tele-rallies, they actually trademarked that term. It's subscription model. He'll charge, even if it's only 10 of the 70 million people, $6, $7 a month, that's a billion dollars a year, and if you're in pre-production for that, if you're Donald Trump, what's more compelling? If you're a loser? And we know that's his biggest fear, being a loser. Or agree that you stole the election and you actually held on to that furniture and they literally dragged you out of the office? If you are pre-producing Donald Trump's next act, this is what you would be doing. So the Republicans and the TV hosts are just toxic recipients of Donald Trump -- of the residue of Donald Trump's next act and when you understand why he's doing it — he probably doesn't think he's holding on to power — the other people being duped along with him, he'll move on to the next venture because that is what it is all about. Nothing more. If you understand that, you can relax a little bit.

I find the notion that Trump will go on to forever control 20% of the vote absolutely terrifying. That doesn't make me feel relaxed at all. I mean, yay for confidence he'll leave the White House, but why the f*ck does he get to go on to make a billion dollars?

Nicolle Wallace, who is a lot smarter than I am, was minimally comforted, but took it further, connecting Deutsch's analysis to Trump's desperate need for relevance. She asked him, though, why everyone else went along with it. "Why is Pence going along with it? He is not getting the 8:00 and Trump gets the 9:00 hour."

DEUTSCH: Pence is going along with it because he's going to run for president some day, and he's gotta get through the 20% of the fringe of the party that is gonna be voting, and if Donald Trump said "This guy didn't stand next to me," he's not getting through the barrier. It's very simple, It's not hard to figure out. Donald Trump has control. If he stands up at the next primary, forget whether he runs or not saying this guy was not part of the club, he is out. That's it, he's not winning the primary, forget about the general election.
Donald Trump is not going away, kids. He's not gonna have the power, but Donald Trump is gonna be speaking to anywhere from ten to seventy million Americans every day and the media, this media, outside of Fox, has to be disciplined when ratings maybe drop off in March and April, and we're talking about infrastructure, not to put the heroin back in, and go back and cover it. Let them just stay in their own little bunker over there.

Now, THAT'S good advice. But I am still having trouble with the notion that the only thing on Trump's mind is his future media empire, and that everyone else is going along with it to stay in his good graces, so he'll keep saying nice things about them. If they abandoned him, which they could do, he'd be alone. Their complicity is the thing that gives him power. Their subservience is the thing that gives him influence. They had the chance to remove him during impeachment, and chose not to. Why? So he doesn't tweet bad things at them when he's out of office?

It doesn't add up. Look at all the elements.

Do all of those things seem like elements of something as simple as slimeballs wanting to stay on the bully's good side? Those don't sound like simply the moves of someone trying to preserve his image. It sounds like the moves of an entire political party getting ready to do something highly unconstitutional.

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