Rachel Maddow thinks Democrats should thank Mitch McConnell for what he said about the infrastructure plan. Really.
April 2, 2021

Well, well. Rachel Maddow actually thinks Mitch McConnell just did Democrats a big favor.

Did he resign? Not that big a favor.

Mitch McConnell announced that not a single Republican Senator would vote for the Biden infrastructure plan.

Maddow's response? GOOD.

"That is a blessing," said Maddow, "because it means there is now no reason for Democrats to waste time trying to do the ultimately futile thing they might otherwise try, of reaching out to Republicans, taking things out of the bill in order to make Republicans happy, to chase maybe a Republican vote or two."

Maddow went on to talk strategy: "...it should mean that Democrats can now move ahead with plans to pass this thing on their own terms with just their own votes. It means that the negotiations over what's going to be in the bill are only going to happen among Democrats."

And she had some words other than "thank you" for Mitch McConnell, during which she actually cracked herself up:

RACHEL MADDOW: The Republican leader said at the outset, the day Biden rolls out the bill, there will be no Republican votes no matter what's in it. Okay, done. Then this bill isn't for you guys and you can go back to the stuff of what you really care about, like who is Q? [Rachel's laughter, totally worth the click, right?] and something, something Dr. Seuss. And who are you going to run for president in the Republican primary besides a guy who probably will be in prison, but he's still going to run. happy Paul Manafort's birthday, Republicans. Quiet, now. the adults are working on something that could be a really big deal.

It was also Rachel Maddow's birthday Thursday. Happy belated birthday, Rachel!

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