August 17, 2021

As US troops depart Afghanistan, and Fox News flips out, late-night host Laura Ingraham immediately focused on Afghanistan refugees that helped the U.S. in its decades long disaster of a war perpetrated by the Bush administration and coddled by Trump.

Blaming President Biden for the fast Taliban takeover, Ingraham brought Mike Pompeo on to to attack the Biden administration even though it was Pompeo who negotiated a deal with the Taliban and excluded the entire Afghanistan government in their talks.

It was also Trump and Mike Pompeo who freed the 5,000 Taliban prisoners who are now back on the battlefield fighting with the Taliban taking over the cities.

Ingraham, the anchor of the Fox News 10PM White Power Hour, then trained her xenophobic eyes on Afghan refugees -- people who have been of assistance to the United States in their 20-year sojourn in Afghanistan.

"And is it really our responsibility to welcome thousands of potentially un-vetted refugees from Afghanistan?" she asked, with no irony. "All day we've heard phrases like 'we promised them' well who did? Did you?"

If the U.S. military made promises to them, or U.S. diplomats did, then they did it on all our behalf. Fox News viewers weren't screaming about the United States invading Afghanistan and occupying their country for 20 years, so maybe they promised them by default.

Ingraham's next guests were MAGA sycophants Molly Hemingway and Victor Davis Hansen, who praised Trump's deal with the Taliban.

Ingraham and Pompeo tried to distract by bringing up places like Taiwan, and claiming our actions are scaring them. How would it be if all those that aided in this long war were kicked to the curb by right wing politicians, activists and their media propagandists?

Why would any people help us in the future if all the promises were broken to them? Imagine what would have happened if Trump were still in charge: The same chaos would have ensued, but the Afghan people would have had no hope of assistance or refugee status, since Stephen Miller gutted the entire refugee system. There are tens of thousands of Afghans who aided in this war and need help. On July 22nd, Congress finally approved the means by which to assist them, but there is a backlog of up to 50,000 applications. That backlog isn't the fault of those Afghans, nor is it the fault of the Biden administration. There is a moral obligation to get those applications processed and those Afghans out of Afghanistan, without asking Laura Ingraham for permission.

Karoli Kuns contributed to this article


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