April 12, 2022

Lawrence O'Donnell talked last night about how difficult it is to get attention for anything but the war in Ukraine.

"But there is a development that we have never seen before in this country that we are going to be begin with tonight. and that is the single biggest most important and gravest scandal in the history of the United States Supreme Court," he said.

"And it is time to call Clarence Thomas what he is. A politician. And as a Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas is now very much out of control. Here is Clarence Thomas posing at the Supreme Court with a Republican Senate candidate who believes that Donald Trump won the last presidential election. Former football stall Herschel Walker pictured here with Clarence Thomas at the Supreme Court last week as Donald Trump's chosen candidate in the Georgia Republican primary for the Senate race down there.

"The winner of the Republican primary will face Georgia's Democratic senator in the general election. And this Clarence Thomas, who's from Georgia, making it very clear to Georgia voters whose side he's on."

He pointed out Herschel Walker's campaign tweeted the picture right away, because it sure looked like an endorsement.

"Senator Chris Murphy tweeted, quote, 'a conservative Supreme Court justice doing a photo op with a Republican candidate on a competitive primary, I think the court has crossed the Rubicon. We need to pass the Supreme Court Ethics Act.'

"And it is thanks to Clarence Thomas' out of control behavior that many Americans are now discovering for the first time the Supreme Court has no ethics rules whatsoever, none. No rules at all. from what a Supreme Court justice must recused from a case. But there is a federal law, one federal law that specifies that the Supreme Court justices may not participate in cases that involve their spouses in any way. That's, it that's the only real rule and it's a law affecting Supreme Court justices.

"But that law does not have a criminal enforcement mechanism. you can't get charged with a crime for violating the law, because it was inconceivable to the people writing that law that any Supreme Court justice would ever violate it. No member of the Supreme Court in history has ever been suspected of, or accused of anything as about as what we already know Clarence Thomas actually did."

He described how Clarence Thomas was the only vote to block material from being delivered to the Jan. 6th committee that was likely to include communication from his wife, Ginni Thomas.

"And the reason we have every right to suspect that is, immaterial already handed over the January 6th committee by Donald Trump's last White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, there were several text messages and emails from Clarence Thomas's wife, Virginia Thomas, to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows urging him and everyone there to do everything possible to illegally overturn the results of the presidential election.

"In one of her messages to Mark Meadows, Virginia Thomas said, quote, 'There are no rules in war.'"


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