May 10, 2022

Fox News host Will Cain erroneously claimed Roe v. Wade isn't supported by a majority of Americans while whining he didn't care, despite the fact that all the polling which says the decision is very popular with Americans.

Cain channeled Kellyanne Conway when he claimed all the polling done over the years to support Roe v. Wade is wrong. There is always an alternative to the truth, to these rapscallions.

"Because they know it's unpopular," Cain lied. "The truth is Roe v. Wade, it was a shield to a very unpopular opinion accepted within the Democratic party."


Cain continued, "I don't care how many polls people show me about what people think about Roe v. Wade."

Republicans have been governing through a minority so they have to refuse to accept any data that goes against their extremist views.

The latest CBS News poll says 2/3rds of the American people do not want it overturned. 82% believe it poses a danger to women.

Almost two-thirds (64%) of respondents believe the Supreme Court should uphold Roe v. Wade, per the poll — of those, 82% believe overturning it would "be a danger to women" and "be dangerous for Americans' rights." Those respondents said they feel discouraged, angry and scared.

82% believe Alito's decision would be a danger to women!

"If we have Democrats in the Senate push to codify abortion, they're going to be forced to lay out the specifics of actually what they believe," Cain opined.

Democrats have saying what they believe for decades. It's not a mystery. It's up to a woman and her doctor(s) to decide what is best for her.

He continued, "And actually what they believe, Harris, is incredibly unpopular."

Cain offers no proof for his statements because he can't.

Cain brought up Tim Ryan's response to Fox News which is that it's always a women's choice what course of action she takes.

(Ryan, if you remember was a former pro-life member of the Democratic Congress but has since changed his position.)

It is a woman's choice. It's always a woman's choice no matter what caveat evangelicals and Republican put forth to try and destroy a women's right to choose their own medical care.


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