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Funny How Limbaugh And Hannity Might Be OK With Sotomayor If She's Biased In Their Favor

[H/t Scarce] Sean Hannity interviewed Rush Limbaugh again on his show last night, and as you might expect, it featured the usual endless stream of in

[H/t Scarce]

Sean Hannity interviewed Rush Limbaugh again on his show last night, and as you might expect, it featured the usual endless stream of insane right-wing crap. Now there's a big surprise.

Limbaugh repeated the point he made yesterday on the radio -- that perhaps Sonia Sotomayor, being Catholic and all, might secretly be anti-abortion. In which case, he'd probably be fine with her nomination to the Supreme Court:

Limbaugh: If -- now I'm speaking for me personally -- If I've learned, if I can be assured, that she is actually a pro-life person, and does think that Roe vs. Wade is bad constitutional law, and if she would rule on the right side of the life issue, I might look past this racism -- we can deal with that. But that's something very, very important to me, and she could be stealth in that regard. And I know that -- well, there's no record. Normally most liberals, they love to tell you how pro-choice they are on abortion -- she doesn't have any of that.

Now remember: The entire reason all of these right-wingers say they have been opposed to Sotomayor is that (given the way they've managed to deliberately distort her "wise Latina" remarks) she might be predisposed to favor identity politics with a feminist and Latino bias. Or as Newt the Phony put it, "Sotomayor’s words reveal a betrayal of a fundamental principle of the American system -- that everyone is equal before the law."

That means pretending that a judge's experiences and backgrounds and predispositions are never supposed to come into play when they make rulings, as though the law is some kind of abstract entity whose purity must be defended. It's an outgrowth of the "strict constructionist" philosophy, which likes to pretend that there can only be one perfectly literal interpretation of the law.

But that of course goes flying out the window when these same right-wingers contemplate the possibility that Sotomayor might harbor a secret bias about abortion that actually skews in their favor. Then they're all good with it -- supposedly.

Limbaugh doesn't mean a word of it, of course. We get the real reason that Limbaugh is saying this: He just wants liberals to start fretting and stewing and raising questions about Sotomayor's positions, driving a wedge into the heart of her support. Pretty clever ruse, Rushie boy. Too bad most of us long ago learned how to see right through your crooked lies.

Just like when you claim that "no one has denied" that Sotomayor is a racist. Um, yeah, right.


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