Hannity And Coulter Make A Lovely Wingnut Couple, Bashing Jennings Gleefully, But Not Because He's Gay. Heavens No.

Sean Hannity still wants his scalp. So he went and got the world's most famous harpy to help out.

He continued his groundless bashing of Kevin Jennings by bringing on Ann Coulter on his show last night. The hapless Kirsten Powers was little help, being a good Faux Democrat by largely agreeing with the venomous duo -- when all she needed to do was point out that the incident involved a young man of legal age.

This largely left Hannity free to find great import in the fact that William Ayers -- another longtime Hannity freakazoid obsession -- actually wrote a blurb for a book for which Jennings wrote the forward. Oooooh. Impressive. Pretty soon he's going to be doing diagrams on chalkboards.

And it left Coulter free to declare Jennings "another Ayers." And natter on about how depraved a person Jennings is.

But of course, they stopped short when reminded that what they were saying sounded a lot like gay-bashing. Heaven forfend the notion.

These people are insane. They really are trying to construct their own alternative reality. Which is fine, I suppose. But do they have to bother us with it -- let alone inflict it upon us?

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