Brooks Excuses GOP Obstruction By Calling ACA 'Rube Goldberg Device'


It seems we have a new Frank Luntz talking point making it's way into the GOP echo chamber this Sunday. The Affordable Care Act is a "Rube Goldberg device" which is so complicated that no one will ever be able to understand it, therefore Republicans doing their best to sabotage it is perfectly acceptable.

That was David Brooks' response to Chuck Todd on this Sunday's Meet the Press after Todd admitted what we've been saying here for years, that the GOP is never, ever going to cooperate with President Obama on anything and that they've been openly trying to sabotage the law to make sure it doesn't work.

TODD: You could argue that there are some Republicans that are trying to sabotage the law, that they’re hoping to not get it off the ground and then they can suddenly make the case, see, we got to get rid of it. And they’ve got some state governors that are openly trying to sabotage it. You’ve got-- look what McConnell and Cornyn did to the sports leagues, that was a shakedown, that was a threatening letter by the two leaders of the Senate Republican who essentially said…

GREGORY: When the NFL was going to come out and…

TODD: …if you participate this, if you help them…


TODD: …try to enact this law of the land, be careful, there’s going to be political repercussions.

BROOKS: They would say-- the Republicans would say we’re sabotaging a Rube Goldberg device that wouldn’t work anyway. I mean, this is incredibly complex law so it’s not-- surely there is Republican opposition, but this is an incredibly complex law doing a lot of things, probably it shouldn’t do, we probably shouldn’t have an employer-- employer insurance at all.

It appears George Will got the same memo, since he used almost the exact same phrase on ABC's This Week. It's pretty pathetic when you've got a party that isn't satisfied that a Democratic president passed their Republican health care law, and instead of trying to make it work, would rather play the kind of political games that Todd described here.

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