Coulter Calls John Kerry A 'Gigolo' Whose Tax Returns Don't Matter Any More Than Seamus The Dog's


After spending a good deal of time carping about Harry Reid reiterating his demands that Mitt Romney release his tax returns and playing a new ad from, featuring Ann Romney's dressage horse and their $70,000 plus tax deduction, Rafalca, Ann Coulter decided to do what she does best on Sean Hannity's show this Thursday evening, which is throw some flames of her own and shoot off a few false equivalencies in response.

After Hannity took a shot at the First Lady for wearing an expensive jacket to Buckingham Palace, because lord knows we can't have that go on and anyone talk about Ann Romney's expensive wardrobe at the same time, and Coulter tried to pretend our current mess with the debt and deficit started after President Obama got elected and George W. Bush never existed. Then Hannity asked her if the attacks on the Romney's for being richy-rich are going to work or not.

Coulter poo-pooed the attacks and Hannity played the MoveOn ad. Coulter dismissed the ad and then decided to compare Mitt Romney refusing to release his tax records to John Kerry's wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, not releasing hers during his presidential campaign, because her husband, the Senator, was "just a gigolo whose tax returns don't matter any more than Seamus the dog's."

So Coulter's defense of Romney not releasing his tax returns is to attack John Kerry and call him some wimp who is just there to service his rich wife and because we didn't see her tax returns, that inoculates Romney from having to release his. Good luck with that Ann.

And you've gotta' love the irony of Hannity having a segment subtitled "gutter politics" and then bringing Coulter on. If anyone knows anything about gutter politics, it's these two. Romney's tax returns matter because it goes directly to the matter of his policies as well and what he would do as president. We already know he wants to lower taxes for himself and his rich buddies while raising them on the middle class and poor. These clowns at Fox can act like that doesn't matter all day long, but if that message resonates with enough of the voters out there, it's going to make a difference.

And someone needs to remind Ann that Seamus didn't file any tax returns that we're aware of, but if the Rmoney's thought they could have used him as a tax deduction as they did their dancing horse, Rafalca, I'm sure they would have.


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