Bush's Brain Blames President Obama For Decline In Net Worth Caused During His Administration


Color me not shocked that Karl Rove was back on Fox again, hoping that the country has collective amnesia as to just how destructive his former boss' reign was to our nation's economy and attempting to blame the cliff the economy was falling off of when they left office on the man unfortunate enough to have to try to clean up after him: Fox's Rove Joins Fox Colleagues In Falsely Blaming Obama For Decline In Net Worth From 2007-10.

As they noted, add Rove to the list at Fox pushing the same line: Surprise! Fox Hosts Blame Obama For Americans' Declining Net Worth:

The Federal Reserve released a study this week showing that Americans' net worth fell dramatically between 2007-10. However, while reporting on the study, Fox News hosts falsely claimed the decline occurred during the "last three years," even though it's clear the decline began two years before President Obama took office.

Heaven forbid Hannity or Rove would let any of those pesky things called facts get in the way of their talking points. Just before this portion of Rove's interview, Hannity was actually allowing the guy who was responsible for the AG scandal and the Plame leak carp about the Obama administration and these latest accusations of national security leaks coming from them. Rove's hypocrisy meter has long ago pegged off the charts and shattered. If he had a new one this Tuesday evening, he'd have shattered it again.

Since Rove won't appear anywhere but Fox, I don't expect anyone will confront him with this chart any time soon which shows that median net worth of families in America was plunging on his and his boss' watch due to the housing bubble bursting, and it was a plunge President Obama inherited.



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