Kristol Pretends Conservatives Need An Excuse To Refuse To Support Obama


From this week's Fox News Sunday, Bloody Bill Kristol does his best to pretend that Republicans in our do-nothing, obstructionist Congress have a valid excuse for their knee-jerk opposition to everything President Obama does, even though it's obvious this is just another example of them "black-tracking."

There is no way in hell these Republicans would be refusing to give the president the authority to use military force if it were a Republican in the White House right now. But apparently in Bill Kristol neocon-world, the hesitancy to use military force and try diplomacy first instead of bombs-away is a reason not to be trusted with the authority to use it at all, or at least not until they get the White House back.

ROBERTS: There was a lot of debate over whether or not Vladimir Putin got the better of President Obama. Lindsay Graham, senator from South Carolina, certainly thinks so. Here's what he told our Mike Huckabee yesterday:


SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, R-S.C.: It's a blind alley. It's a box canyon for America. Putin's led us down a road here where there's just no good outcome. Without of threat of force, this agreement means nothing.


ROBERTS: So bill, did the president get hoodwinked? We talked about verify and verify. If you don't have teeth in some sort of resolution that says this will happen if you do not, can you get control of all these weapons?

KRISTOL: I don't think the president got hoodwinked. I think the president knew what he was doing. He didn't want to strike, it turned out, after having said he wanted to strike, which is an extremely irresponsible position for an American president to put himself and the country in.

Jane says no one supported the president. I supported the president. John Boehner supported the president. He had all of us lined up. He would have at least 25 Republicans with us in the House because they do not trust this president to use force. They don't trust him to be serious about foreign policy.

And I've got to say looking back on the last few weeks, I can't really blame all my conservative Republican friends who said, look, in principle, of course, you should support a president when he goes to Congress to ask for a resolution to authorize the use of force against a dictator backed by Iran and Russia who's used chemical weapons, crossed a red line, an American president sat down (ph). I don't even think it's a close call.

After his performance over the last few weeks, it's going to be harder and I say this with great sadness, wouldn't (ph) hope for pleasure, to get conservative internationalists now to support him if he wants to do anything tough. On the other hand, it seems like he doesn't want to do anything tough.

Wow, a whole 25 Republicans. I think he was just a little bit shy of getting a majority in the House. I tell you what tough guy, let us know when you're planning on putting on a uniform to go fight in these wars you keep pushing for, will you?


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