Rep. Todd Akin Refuses To Meet With Constituents And Defend Vote To Eliminate Medicare

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No big surprise here, but it looks like we've got another Republican House member refusing to meet with constituents who are angry about their vote for the Ryan budget which would eliminate Medicare as we know it. Here's more from Show Me Progress on Missouri Rep. Todd Akin, who apparently is afraid of the group of primarily senior citizens who showed up outside of his office to protest earlier this week.

Todd Akin greets peaceful constituents. With cops.:

Eight cop cars. That's how many it took to quell the "riot" by 50 or so little old ladies and 50 others of assorted ages (and sexes) who tried to storm Representative Todd Akin's office in West St. Louis County Wednesday afternoon. [...]

Since Akin refuses ever to respond to requests from Democratic constituents asking for a meeting or a phone call, much less a town hall, these folks called their own town hall a block from his office and invited him to attend. [...]

He didn't show. Of course. So the crowd had the gall to approach his majesty's office and were told by the cops which little bright patch of sunlight they might occupy while they listened to a few speakers.

Why is it that peaceful people--and there were no weapons in this group more dangerous than a few rapier like wits--cannot even approach the office paid for by taxpayers without having the police--union workers that we taxpayers fund--sicced on them?

More there with lots of pictures of those very scary looking seniors that came out to protest. Republicans loved it when we had these "tea partiers" coming out to scream at Democrats over the health care bill. Now that the tables have turned and their approval numbers are at an all time low, they're not so thrilled with the idea of being held accountable to their constituents. You can't blame any of them for wanting to be cautious after what happened to Gabby Giffords, but I don't think that excuses them refusing to meet with or respond to voters at all.


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