Sean Duffy Yells Over Krystal Ball While Lying About Medicare Cuts


MSNBC's The Cycle decided to bring on Wisconsin Rep. Sean Duffy for a discussion on Medicare among other topics and when one of the co-hosts, Krystal Ball, got a chance to weigh in and dispute Duffy's claims that President Obama is "stealing" $700 billion from seniors and giving it to some other unworthy people who just want to raid granny's pocketbook, the segment basically devolved into Duffy deciding that if he just yelled loud enough, that means he wins the argument, regardless of whether he was lying or not.

And of course the show's token Republican know nothing liar, S.E. Cupp was ready to throw Duffy a lifeline at the end of the segment, telling him that she "feels his pain" and chuckling all the way as he left the set. Why the other three hosts of this show ever agreed to act as enablers to this woman is beyond me. They do nothing but lend her credibility by appearing on the air with her every day.

As to Duffy's arguments where he was basically arguing against President Obama's policies which will extend the life of Medicare and pretending it won't and lying and telling the viewers that the cuts are going to harm seniors rather than the insurance companies, which they won't, we've been down that road already here. Go back and read Susie's post where they were telling the same lie for a debunking on Duffy's nonsense: Fox Claims Ryan Is Trying To Save Medicare, Blames Obama.

And for a little reminder of just who Sean Duffy is, here's Nicole's post on him from March of last year: Break Out The Tiny Violins: WI Rep Eager To Cut State Employee Salaries Says "It's A Struggle" To Make It on $174K A Year.

It's painfully obvious the man hasn't gotten any less obnoxious since that time. And for a little trip to opposite land, here's right wing hack Noah Rothman's take on the same segment over at Abram's place, where this type of completely dishonest headline is all too common from this guy: GOP Rep. Sean Duffy Slams MSNBC Host For Being Dishonest About Medicare Reform. Even a bunch of the commenters there, which normally reads like something out of Free Republic or The Hill, were calling him out for being full of it with the way the story was framed.


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