May 13, 2013

(Spoiler Alert: I will be recapping this episode so don't read on if you haven't seen it yet.)

Happy Mother's Day to all! Tonight's episode is another strong one as we wind down to the season finale in about three more weeks. The Bear and the Maiden Fair focuses its attention on some of the strong willed women of GOTs and although many women are used for unpleasant things in this world, there are others that have the power to shape the course of history.

Beyond The Wall.

Jon Snow and Ygritte have scaled to the other side of the wall with Tormund, Orell and a few other wildlings and are about a week away from Castle Black. Snow is still pissed at Orell for almost killing him and his girl and confronts him over it. For the first time we realize that Orell is jealous of Jon and tells Snow to get over it because that's the way the world works. You like, love, leave and kill people only when it suits you and Ygritte is going to leave him because she understands this.

Later on Orell reveals to Ygritte how much he loves her and tells her that she only loves Snow because he's a pretty boy. (A pretty boy with a master tongue.) Orell is a warg who can link his mind with animals, but he can't make a simple connection with the ladies. This isn't going to end well. Watch your back Jon Snow or you won't know anything ever again.

Romance of the week: Jon Snow and Ygritte's love is getting stronger as they march towards Castle Black and it's a welcome addition to this season.


It's raining like hell and Blackfish tells Robb that they'll lose another day of travel to get to The Twins. Lady Catelyn voices concern that old man Frey is going to view this as another insult on top of the big one he already has since Robb was supposed to be the one getting married.

Soon after Robb is with his wife Talisa sharing a long, deep kiss, draped around each other. It's time for GOT's obligatory female nude shot and it's Talisa's turn. "How can I plan a war when you look like that?"

She tells him she wishes to see her mother in Volantis and then reveals really big news to him. There's a little Lord or Lady Stark coming soon. Robb is going to be a father. Oh happy days.

King's Landing

Sansa is crying to Lady Margaery about how stupid she is for ever believing she could find happiness in King's Landing after she learns that she has to marry Tyrion Lannister. Margaery has learned much from her grandmother and understands the chaos rules in the realm almost as well as Littlefinger does. She explains to her that maybe Tyrion isn't that bad after all and if she has babies with him they could someday rule The North and Casterly Rock . Maergery is always playing the angles.

Poor Tyrion is getting verbally hammered by Shae, his real love, over the idea that he's going to marry Sansa and let her clean up the sh*t while she watches him shag the young beauty. Telling her he'd buy her a big house didn't appease her or go over too well either.

We have a Bronn sighting. He tells Tyrion that he knows in his heart he really wants to bed Sansa because she's beautiful even is she is very young. Tyrion tells him to stop putting evil notions in his head.

You pay me to kill people that bother you, evil notions come free.

* Melisandre and Gendry are sailing back to Dragonstone and pass King's Landing on the way. She reveals to him that he's Robert Baratheon's son.

* Arya is still pissed at Beric Dondarrion for giving up Gendry to the Red Witch because the Lord of Light demanded it and tells him he's a liar and the only thing she believes in is death. Resentments really aren't a good building block for teenagers. She then bolts out of the cave away from Beric and his men. It's dark and she's hard to find, but unfortunately for her the Hound doesn't have that problem and lurches from the shadows and captures her. She was really better off hanging with the Brotherhood.

*Osha wants Jojeen to stop filling the little Lord's (Brann) head up with religious mumbo-jumbo. Bran tells her they aren't going to Castle Black but instead beyond the wall to find the three eyed raven that has been calling him since he fell from the tower. Osha freaks and tells their little group that the last time she's was beyond the wall her boyfriend Bruni turned into a White Walker and tried to kill her. She made a promise to his Maester Luwin to bring him to Castle Black and that's where they are going. Who do you think wins the argument?


Daenerys marches her army up to the gates of the yellow city of Yunkai. It's built like a fortress. She meets with Razdal mo Eraz, a man of much power to broker a peace settlement. He brings trunks full of gold and tells her they'll give her all the ships she would need to leave this place and never come back. She counters with her own offer and demands that they release their 200,000 slaves and then surrender immediately to her and she will spare them their lives. Razdal tries to take the gold back, but Dany's dragons object. My, how they are growing. Do we see a siege coming?


Why am I starting to like Jaime Lannister? I'm not supposed to after what he did to Bran and Eddard.

He sets off to King's Landing with some of Roose Bolton's men to return to his father, but can't stand to leave Brienne behind to be tortured by Locke. He rides back to Harrenhal only to find Locke and his men singing the song The Bear and the Maiden Fair. (Always pay attention to the songs.) Why that song? Because Brienne has been thrown into a gladiator type pit to fight a huge and nasty bear, armed only with a wooden sword. He jumps down, forgetting he has only one hand and helps Brienne escape a certain death. I think losing his right hand agrees with him.

* Ramsey Bolten is still torturing Theon Greyjoy, this time he uses two ladies to pull him down off the wooden cross. Then they try to sexually arouse him. When Rasmey bursts in blowing a horn---Greyjoy begs for mercy. Bolten whips out a huge knife and says he wants to make some minor alterations to the body part of his anatomy he has heard so much about. Poor Theon screams as Ramsey pounces upon him. Thankfully they faded to black.

Scene of the week: Tywin Lannister is called before his grandson, King Joffrey so he could be scolded for never telling him anything that happens in the realm, you know, like the rumors about the Targaryen girl and her dragons in the far east. The steam of rage pours out from Tywin's ears as he steps up and menacingly hovers over Joffrey, telling him not to be afraid of a couple of little dragons and that he'll keep him informed of all the important things---if it's necessary.

Joffrey: But I haven't been counseled. Tywin: You're being counseled at this very moment.

As crazy as Joffrey is, I don't see him challenging Tywin. By the way, Charles Dance is excellent as the Hand of the King and wins the speech of the week honors.

When I see King Joffrey I'm reminded about the performance Jay Robinson, (the actor who played Caligula in the 1953 film called The Robe) gave. I hated him with all my heart when I was ten years old and to me Joffrey is a teenage version of Caligula. (Check it out on Netflix sometime.)

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