Rand Paul Loves Filibuster, Will Keep Rachel Maddow Off The Supreme Court


Aqua Buddha rides again! Sen. Rand Paul must really hate Rachel Maddow. I know that she eviscerated him (especially on racism) after he won the SC Republican primary so badly that he canceled all his national talk show appearances like Meet The Press, but I didn't know it still haunted him to this day.

Really, how sick is this man?

Senator Paul, remember a resentment like that only hurts you.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) on Tuesday defended Republicans use of the filibuster, saying the tactic was necessary to prevent the nomination of extremists like MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. Republicans have filibustered dozens of President Barack Obama’s executive nominations, delaying the confirmation of heads of multiple government agencies. Paul said he also plans to hold up the confirmation of James Comey for FBI director over the use of drones.

“I think the leverage of using the filibuster to get information and to make the President obey the law, I think it is a very important tool and our Founding Fathers put it in there for precisely this reason,” Paul said on Fox News.

“For that reason, to call attention to what they’re trying to do, especially if you’re in the minority you an do that and, frankly, if you didn’t have a filibuster, what would stop President Obama from appointing say Al Sharpton as attorney general or Rachel Maddow on the Supreme Court,” host Eric Bolling added.“Right,”

Paul responded. “If you were to get an extremist like that, someone with an extreme point of view, the majority here could pass it with 51 votes, but with the filibuster then it would take 60 votes, so you’re less likely to get someone with those kinds of extreme views to be nominated and approved by the Senate.”

I wonder how much glue he huffed before he went on with Eric Bolling? I know he's a Christianist and all, but he's definitely high on something other than spirits. Rachel Maddow exposed the many extremist beliefs that Rand Paul embraced and had tried to hide from the national stage at that time so I get that he was upset in 2010, but what makes Rachel an extremist to him? Is it because she's part of teh gay?

Flashback: Rachel Maddow Corners Rand Paul On His Extremist Views Of Civil Rights

Maddow: Do you think a private business has the right to put up a 'Blacks Not Served' sign?'

Baby Paul: Well the interesting thing is if you look back to the 1950's, 1960's, that the problems we faced, there were incredible problems. The problems had to do with voting...blah, blah, blah.

Madow: I don't want to badger you, but I do want an answer on this sir, do you think a private business has the right not to serve black people?

Baby Paul: I'm against all discrimination of any kind, I wouldn't join a club .[My golf club is cool, though!] but I think what's important about this debate is not to get into any gotcha on this but asking the question. What about freedom of speech. Should we limit speech. Should we limit racists from speaking?

Maddow: I'm asking straightforward questions. Do you realize that businesses wouldn't let black people use the bathroom?

Baby Paul: I abhor racism. Am I a bad person because I hate racism?

Maddow: I'm asking you a yes or no question, Baby Paul. What about lunch counters? It's not a hypothetical.

Baby Paul: I'll give you a hypothetical. What about the owner of the restaurant? Should the government tell him that AK-47's aren't permitted in his place of business? That's when we're in a slippery slope, Rachel.

Maddow: This isn't a debate about the second amendment. People were beaten to death trying to stand up against racism at Woolworth's.

Baby Paul: I think you're conflating the issue...


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