Michael Scheuer: Obama Is "Arrogant And Racist"

This exchange is odious. I thought Glenn Beck was bad -- bad enough that he may be in danger of getting booted from Fox News -- but in 40 seconds or so, hater-spook Michael Scheuer just laid down some of the most disgusting commentary I've ever heard. (Scheuer, in case you've forgotten, wished for another terrorist attack on the USA so we'd "learn")

Let's start with reality, then I'll give you the transcript. Reality in Libya is that entire cities are being wiped off the map as Moammar Gadhafi cracks down on freedom fighters. Reality in Libya is that Gadhafi is a dictator in decline but he has no regard for his people and has no problem killing those who seek his exile and/or death. Reality in Libya is that Gadhafi is brutal, insane, and responsible for more acts of terrorism in the past three weeks than any other country in the last 30 years. This is before we get to the question of the Lockerbie crash and Gadhafi's hand in that.

This is who the man is. And the US response to his mayhem has been remarkably measured. Via The Hill:

Obama, in remarks with visiting Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, said he wanted “to send a very clear message” to those around Moammar Gadhafi.

“It is their choice to make how they operate moving forward, and they will be held accountable for whatever violence continues to take place there,” Obama said.

The president’s tough words come as Obama and his administration cautiously weigh further steps, including military action, in the country.

Obama on Monday greenlighted an additional $15 million in emergency funds for humanitarian assistance, and the North Atlantic Council of NATO — meeting daily this week — is still considering other military options. Obama has made it clear he will not pursue military intervention unilaterally.

We've sent humanitarian aid. We're a member of NATO. Libya's unrest threatens the UK and other key allies. And Gadhafi is indulging his thirst for genocide.

Now this is what CIA counterterrorism expert and professional hater Scheurer says is the motive for 'considering military options':

NAPOLITANO: How much of a threat is Moammar Gadhafi to the United States of America at the present time?

SCHEUER: Zero, sir.

NAPOLITANO: Then what would be the basis -- moral, political, economic -- for the American president to threaten military action against him?

SCHEUER: Arrogance and racism is the answer. Every time Obama opens his mouth he sounds like a combination of Kipling and Woodrow Wilson. He's gonna teach our little brown brothers how to vote and how to elect people. He's really a tragedy for America, he's gonna get more of our kids killed in wars that we can't get out of once we start.

I can't remember the last time I heard something so unAmerican and downright hateful spoken as though it were fact. As though it were FACT! Arrogance and racism? Really? Wow, who is this guy and who publishes his books? And why should we trust ANYONE who was a career spook?

Fox is pretty cagy about how they present things, and Scheuer is happy to accomodate. On the one hand, he gets to call the President uppity and racist while on the other, singing the anti-war songs. Hey. The guy is ex-CIA. Is there really any reason to accord him any credibility whatsoever? When you've spent 20 years manipulating people, a Fox appearance is just a brush-up of the chops, not serious commentary.

Who exactly is the racist here? I think it's not the President.


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