July 12, 2010

First Citizens United commercial for midterms

Citizens United has only endorsed one nominee for the midterm elections thus far: Sharron Angle.

Via the Las Vegas Tribune:

Citizens United Political Victory Fund says their mission is to assist a conservative candidate who shares Ronald Reagan's vision of reducing the size of government, lowering taxes, cutting spending, promoting traditional family values, and keeping America safe. Their goal for the 2010 election cycle is to elect a candidate who will fight for conservative principles and challenge the agenda of the Obama Administration.

David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United said, "this is a critical race, and that is why it is so important to nominate a true Conservative with the credibility to stand up to Senator Reid's out-of-control spending and big-government ways. Sharron Angle is a strong candidate with impeccable Conservative credentials, and I am proud to endorse her for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate."

That ad at the top, by the way, isn't one Ronald Reagan would endorse at all. Reagan was good buddies with Iran's religious oligarchs -- such good buddies he and his pal Bill Casey swapped some weapons for hostages back in the day.

But then, it's very much in style to twist around what Reagan was about to serve the conservative message. Truth matters less than impression, and so we have Reagan, DemiGod of the teabaggers, overseeing their efforts. Never mind that he gave amnesty to illegal aliens, ignored the Constitution when it didn't fit with his plans, and systematically dismantled Main Street in favor of Wall Street. Forget all that for a minute.

Sharron Angle and Citizens United carefully ignore this fact: Reagan talked to the Soviets. Of course, they already had nukes, so I suppose there wasn't much of an option, eh?

There's nothing much good to say about Reagan, but there's far less to say good about Sharron Angle, and comparing her to him is a joke. Here's the most telling quote I've read about her time in the Nevada state legislature:

"She's very rigid and I have a little bit of trouble understanding her positions," the former lawmaker said in an interview with the Review-Journal. "She's a very difficult person."

Vucanovich explained that her concerns don't just stem from Angle's conservative views, but rather from her uncompromising style of legislating. The characterization appears to grow out of a reputation Angle developed among her colleagues during the years she served in the Nevada state legislature from 1999 to 2005.

"In the building we used to have a joke called 41 to Angle," Democratic assemblywoman Sheila Leslie recently told the New York Times. "She took great pride in voting 'no' for everything. We have some very conservative people in the assembly, but she was the only one voting 'no' on a technical cleanup bill. The lobbyists didn't talk to her, the legislators wouldn't talk to her, because when you vote no on everything no one wants to deal with you."

I'd say that about describes the entire Republican party, wouldn't you? About the only thing worse for Nevada than Sharron Angle would be...hmmmm. I can't think of what that is.

UPDATE: Today brings another example of Angle's apparent inability to grasp facts or imagine taking action on behalf of those she represents. From The Plum Line, this story:

What happened was this: Angle, under fire for saying she disagreed with something Harry Reid did that saved a project involving thousands of local jobs, claimed that what she'd really meant to say was that she opposed the stimulus. The problem, as a flummoxed local reporter pointed out, is that the stimulus had nothing to do with the project in question.

So Harry Reid picked up the phone and asked several banks to release funds to complete a private building project rather than throw 22,000 people out of work. They agreed, and the project was saved. Angle somehow twisted this into an anti-stimulus answer for a project completely unrelated to the stimulus.

The real danger here is that Angle didn't take the 10 minutes to see what the problem was. Instead she served up the knee-jerk tea party answer about smaller government and stimulus failure, which should be a pretty strong indicator of her inability to actually work through a problem and solve it on her own.

But hey, Citizens United thinks she's the Reagan ideal, so there's that, anyway.

(h/t Desert Beacon)

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