Rachel Maddow: Romney's Lies Should Disqualify Him From High Office

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After the disastrous comparison of the Romney campaign and Romney himself as an Etch A Sketch -- a blank slate to be rewritten to fit the moment -- Rachel Maddow finally did what no journalist to date has bothered to do. She enumerated the lies he tells daily, the cynicism with which those lies are told, and goes on to explain why Romney is undermining democracy and the office of President when he lies so easily just to get the job. Romney's own words bolster the lack of conviction to any set of ideals. This is what he said:

"I'm running as a conservative Republican," he said. "I'll be running as a conservative Republican nominee."

So you know, I was a vampire for Halloween, too, but I've always been a Democrat and if I ran for office, I'd be running as me, not a definition of the party designation next to my name.

My 18-year old daughter got it right away as she watched this segment, asking if Americans are really this stupid. Sadly, I had to answer her in the affirmative. It really has to be difficult for members of a party to hate their candidate, know he lies with ease, and yet stand up and wave the flag for him. Yet it seems that more Republicans than not are doing just that.

Steve Benen described Morphing Mittens' many versions:

Romney 1.0 was an independent who distanced himself from Reagan; Romney 2.0 was a moderate Republican with self-described "progressive" views on social issues and health care; Romney 3.0 was a social conservative who cared deeply about the culture war; and Romney 4.0 is a far-right businessman who represents the GOP establishment and the top 1%.

What will Romney 5.0 look like? I don't know; I guess we'll have to wait until after Fehrnstrom & Co. shake the Etch A Sketch and hit the reset button.

As Maddow argues, a man who can lie and shift with such ease not only poisons democracy should not be considered to hold higher office. It just plays right to the "untrustworthy government" theme conservatives love, but it's a terrible way to lead.


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