Stupidest Polling Report Ever, Thanks To Megyn Kelly

Oh, Megyn! Could you be any more breathless in this segment? Of course, Fox did "break" this news as if the world were ending, so I suppose you can't be the only one to blame. But really, you must do better on how you read polls, dear.

I've been taken to task for misstating polls here on C&L, so I'm pretty careful about not taking them at face value anymore. Megyn Kelly, not so much, especially when it plays into the Fox News agenda of reassuring their viewers that the President is doomed to be a one-termer.

In this segment, Megyn is practically breathless with joy as she announces to the world that the President's poll numbers have dropped a full ten points in a week! Oh no, the sky is falling. Only, those numbers didn't smell right, so I looked a little closer at the graphic.

It's a Reuters/Ipsos poll, and while I can't link up the actual poll questions since Reuters hasn't published it, the sample of independent voters was huge (not) -- 181 people out of a total of 1,040. The margin of error on that question was +/- 7.4%, while the overall margin of error was +/-3.1%.

Then we have Megyn-clone Monica Crowley chime in. Her stunning analysis that his poll numbers improved with independents in December - February because he was "acting more like a Republican than a Democrat" is pure fantasy with absolutely no basis in fact other than to continue lying to viewers and make everyone think the majority in this country are conservative.

Here's what Megyn didn't bother to report from that very same poll:

Weighing in on the Washington budget debate, 59 percent of Americans prefer to cut existing programs while 30 percent would rather raise taxes to reduce deficit spending.

And they prefer to cut defense spending rather than programs that affect them more directly like Medicare and Social Security.

Again, I don't know the specific margin of error on that question, but that's a pretty significant piece of information, don't you think? Well, it is unless you're Fox News. If you're Fox News, Megyn Kelly and Monica Crowley it's worth dramatic music, a flashing "alert" sign, and breathless announcements that the President's approval is "tanking" with independents. Tanking if you think a margin of error swing of 7.4% is anywhere near accurate, anyway.

Lies, damn lies, and statistics.


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