Ann Coulter’s Race Card


(h/t Heather at VideoCafe)

Ann Coulter is playing the race card in a particularly insidious way these days: by attacking those who call out racism against President Obama as the real racists. Naturally Fox News, the birther central network, is eating it up. In her latest visit to Fox & Friends this morning, she was presented as a media critic for yet another gripe session about Obama getting too much favorable coverage – and pretending that it has nothing to do with Mitt Romney being an awful candidate.

Host Alisyn Camerota introduced the topic by giving props to Coulter’s latest book for highlighting liberal bias and adding, “Liberals have played the race card, historically, you believe, to win blacks over.”

“They’re always using race to win voters… For a hundred years, they denounced black people, insisted on segregating black people to win a segment of the white vote, Democrat segregationists and Klan sympathizers who were Democrats… Now they are still using race to win votes, not only from black people who keep telling them that Republicans hate them but from white people who don’t want to feel racist.

…It’s a book about the white liberal media… They are protecting Obama – not because liberals care about the historic nature of the first black president… The reason liberals like having a black president is he happens to be the most liberal president we’ve ever had and they can denounce the critics of his very, very liberal policies by calling them racists."

So who is Coulter – who has made many inflammatory statements about African Americans – trying to reach here? I doubt she thinks she’ll be winning over new African American voters with what amounts to an implicit attack on their choice of voting Democratic and for President Obama. But she does provide cover for the Donald Trumps of the world who, when they make racially-tinged attacks on Obama, can insist that THEY are the real racial victims merely trying to ask legitimate questions about Obama.

Anybody want to bet this strategy will show up on Fox News in the near future?

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