Alex Castellanos Denies 'War On Women' By Being A Misogynistic Jerk

(h/t Scarce of VideoCafe)

As Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski aptly pointed out, if you don't think women feel under attack right now, thanks to Republican majorities in the House and in many states, then go talk to the women in your lives. That we can't even get past that notion with the bewildering amount of legislation being introduced that affect directly the rights of women, demonstrates again why our media fails us to get to the real issues. And Republican strategist Alex Castellanos makes damn sure that we can't get to the facts to have a real discussion.

This is why I will never have a career as a news pundit. If I had been in Rachel Maddow's seat, I would have not been able to keep my cool, reasoned temper, as Rachel so admirably did. I would have gotten right into Alex Castellanos' smug, condescending face and rattled off a litany of all the ugly, factually incorrect and disgusting bon mots (can't call them facts) with which he has been allowed to pollute the national dialogue for decades. I would have thundered down on him his culpability for some of the most vile political ads in American history.

And excuse me, but what in the hell was David Gregory and executive producer Betsy Fischer thinking by booking this misogynistic jerk who is clearly overcompensating from years of rejection and insecurity about his manhood to discuss the systematic and coordinated attacks on women's health and freedom? Was there a bigger caveman who refused to come on, so they had to go with the lesser? All ideas are not equal. Condescension and patronizing false and cherry-picked facts about income that have nothing to do with the fact that Republican-led governments think they have the right to control the reproductive organs of half the population do not deserve a place at the table. Fischer and Gregory owe the women both at that table and in their audience an apology for such an abomination as Alex Castellanos opining on the rights of women.


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