Mary Matalin Claims Republicans Want Regulations

(h/t Heather at VideoCafe)

Generally, my husband and I watch the Sunday shows together. He's a good sounding board and will tell me if I'm getting too in the weeds with our clip selections. Generally speaking, he's more cynical than me about politics but less cynical about the media. This morning, he redlined on both when he heard Romney surrogate and Republican strategist Mary Matalin utter these laughable words:

The only way the Obama campaign can run against Romney is distort his position or the Republican position. There is no -- nor has there ever been -- any Republican position that's been no regulations. We are for regulations and always have been. What common sense means clear and uniform and predictably enforced.

Wuh-what? Apparently, the reason Republicans long so much for the mythical days of yore is because there will be no video or audio to contradict their lying lies. To wit:

The Blind Spot in Mitt Romney's Economic Plan
: What Romney would do: Cut taxes and regulations, shrink government, undo pretty much the entire Obama agenda, and stick it to labor.
House GOP announces jobs plan focused on cutting regs and taxes, August 2011
GOP jobs plan: Cut regulations and debt, reform taxes, September 2011
GOP's 'Reform 2.0' package targets business regulations and property taxes, January 2012
GOP Targets Safety Net Programs, Financial Regulations To Avoid Defense Cuts, April 2012
Cut regulation, boost insurance market, GOP candidates say, May 2012

The entire GOP plank has been about letting the "free market" decide and getting "big government" out of the way. But we can look around and see the manifestations of the free market lies (looking at you, Goldman Sachs) and Americans aren't buying it any more. So now, the Republican mouthpieces like Matalin have no choice but to spin an obvious lie to weasel out from behind an economic point of view that has done nothing but bring disaster to the 99 percent.


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