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What's With Fox News' Make Up Department?

It doesn't actually improve female journalists' credibility to be made up only slightly less than the strippers in Time Square.

This is a screen shot of Nia-Malika Henderson, National Political Reporter for The Washington Post, speaking on ABC News:

And this is Nia-Malika Henderson speaking on MSNBC:

And this is what Nia-Malika Henderson looked like Sunday on Howard Kurtz' new Fox News Channel show, Media Buzz:

The poor girl, looked like she was having difficulty blinking with the false eyelashes they put on her.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but what in the hell is going on with the Fox News Channel make up department? Are they hiring their make up artists off of Broadway shows, Vegas revues or worse, Time Square strip clubs? Why is every single female guest buffed, polished and made up for a night on the town instead of a daytime discussion of the day's events?

It's bad enough that Greta Van Susteren was pressured into plastic surgery before getting her Fox show

But all of their female anchors have been Barbie-fied in one way or the other. Why? Have you taken a good look at male anchors? Anyone actually think that Bill O'Reilly, Neal Cavuto or Brian Kilmeade would make a list of hottest male anchors? Or is that a standard only for women, their value as a journalist secondary to their attractiveness?

Nice messaging from Fox. Sure there's no war on women, as long as they know their place.


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