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Alicublog: Right-wing bloggers versus gay pride. Distributorcap NY: Packing them in at the Supreme Court. Poor Man Institute: Toilet trained a

Open Thread

I made this video one year ago this week and can't believe I didn't run it then. My, how times have changed: now the entire GOP is in the toilet.

Open Thread

In honor of ABC News and their absolutely worthy-of-flushing questions in tonight's debate, may I present the fish tank toilet bowl from FishN'Flush

Audio Of Larry Craig's Bust!

  [media id=2276] Sergeant: "You are sitting here lying to a police officer." Do you pick up stray pieces of toilet paper from the floors of publ


It's amazing how quickly Drudge's nonsense gets passed around as fact by certain right wing bloggers. Why would Roger Simon, who should know a little

Jim Brady: Our New Crybaby

Let's have a poll. How long will Brady continually play the victim? I agree Jim, you don't understand the internet. It's not calculus, but your phony