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Bringing Democracy To YOUR Country

New Zealanders and Australians have good reason to fear the “Americanization” of their civil liberties. And the US didn’t have to even employ one single soldier to do it, either.

February 21, 1942 - Scorched Earth And Martial Law.

February 21, 1942 - Scorched Earth and Martial Law. News of the war not going well in the Pacific, worries of an invasion of Australia, Internment of Japanese-Americans living on West Coast of U.S. begins. Martial Law in Hawaii. Fall of Singapore. Sea battle off Bali. Attacks on Rangoon. Capitol Hill debate on War Powers Bill.

December 21, 1981 - Poland Under Martial Law.

Familiar images, as always. With the Solidarity Movement in Poland considered a government overthrow, the move towards more severe repression was underway. This time the target for Jaruzelski's wrath was the Catholic Church, with news of priests

Michigan's Governor May Be Worse Than Walker

One of the problems with everything going haywire at once is the possibility of letting a really, really important thing go unnoticed. While we've all been looking at Wisconsin, Michigan could actually be facing worse, and more draconian