FOX News promotes Torture Video!Hannity talks to narrator Mark Taylor from "Buried in the Sand"Hannity: Think to yourself how this compares to photog
November 18, 2004

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FOX News promotes Torture Video!

Hannity talks to narrator Mark Taylor from "Buried in the Sand"

Hannity: Think to yourself how this compares to photographs of American soldiers last spring, you know, pictures of underwear on peoples heads etc.. that shocked the American country...

Mark: It's gratifying to me that on, we just displaced Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 as the number one documentary...

Hannity: I want everybody to please buy this video !

Video there are scenes of tortue in this segment

It is clear that Hannity is down playing our role in Abu Ghraib to, as Limbaugh stated "a sorority prank!", while justifying the war in Iraq because of an evil, tortuous dictator, rather than what was originally given to the American people: a war against terrorism!

Why do certain right wingers have this affinity for violence and torture, yet anything even remotely sexual is taboo?

You show a whipping, a good beating and that won't scar our children?

Ann Coulter (MNF skit): Violence has been around since Punch and Judy, since Cowboys and Indian movies. There is an enormous difference between violence and smut. They (kids) are not watching real blood, they're not real bullets. When you see for example nudity, it's a real woman. This is specifically corrupting and degrading...

Did Ann watch Saving Private Ryan or The Passion of the Christ? How could a child tell if those were fake bullets, phony arms and heads exploding? Would a child be able to discern the agony Christ faced at the hands of the Romans as make believe?

However, if children get a glimpse at Nicollette Sheridan's naked back, they are unable to draw the same conclusion that violence holds.

PopMatters review excerpt: The film falls laughingly short of the "documentary journalism" status conferred by the producers in terms of both form and content. Like so much hard-line rhetoric, Buried dresses its "truth" in bogeyman foreboding.

The film fails even on this level of propaganda, for it is neither cohesive nor compelling. Screams and grainy footage of severed hands, executions, and beatings are bookended by carefully decontextualized and ellipsis-laden quotations from Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry proclaiming Saddam Hussein's tyranny. See? Even liberals once recognized the threat. The film drags these quotations into "justification for the war" territory by cutting to explicit footage of the U.S. invasion of Baghdad. Rather than making a cohesive argument about the case for war, Buried targets the "liberal media," "Hollywood," and the "radical left," naming Fahrenheit 9/11, Ted Kennedy, the press coverage of conditions in Iraq pre- and post-Saddam Hussein, and Abu Ghraib as examples of the "deception of America."

EfilmCritic: Finally! A film that combats the liberal view that we should not be in Iraq! A film that argues how Iraq is better off today thanks to the removal of Saddam Hussein! Oh, wait, this is not that film.

Then the video makers finally cross the line, sealing this reviewer's negative review. The recent beheadings of American hostages in Iraq are shown without edits. I was washed over with a wave of nausea, not patriotism as these people screamed for their lives as cowardly terrorists slit their throats and removed their heads. This grimmest of footage is not here to educate, it is here to appeal to the lowest common denominator of humanity. The film makers want to sell discs and make money, and here is some shocking footage to move sales.

"Buried in the Sand- The Deception of America" is not worth your time or effort, and is certainly not even in the same league as other political documentaries out there. America is being deceived, but the people who are peddling this collection of snuff films under the banner of education and democracy are the ones doing the deceiving. Simply repulsive.

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