Mike's Blog Roundup

Confined Space: The International Labor Organization calls on Bushistas to stop violating screeners' rights to organize unions.  Meanwhile, in North Carolina last Thursday, hundreds of workers walked off their jobs at the world's largest pork-processing plant.  They face what thousands of American workers face every year--illegal retaliation and firings for standing up for their legal right to form a union. In Houston, mounted police rode into a crowd of striking janitors, trampling many and arresting over 40 peaceful workers for merely demonstrating.  BU$HCO has anticipated worker unrest with this Martial Law made easy legislation. We also note that The Decider has renominated a controversial recess appointee to oversee wage and hour protections. Regulations this groteque nominee, Paul DeCamp, spent his entire career fighting against.

E&P: Editorial director of CBS.News.com has raised eyebrows with a piece titled "Good Riddance to the Gingrichites." It took him 12 years to tell the truth, most of these media clowns never will.

US GULAG WATCH: Guantanamo combatant status reviews are "show trials"... The realities of mass US incarceration...New Guantanamo Bay legal compound planned...Dodd Moves Quickly to Neuter Bush's Torture Bill

Media Matters: Wingnut Smackdown!

HOLY CRAP: Top Ten Abuses of Religion in Politics...Goring Religious Oxen...Theocon Offers Democrats A New Faith-Based Agenda...

OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Black Agenda Report...Last Left Turn Before Hooterville...Debt On Comics ...Science Blog...

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