USS Cole Commander Accuses White House Of Intentional Sabotage On Fox

In order to validate the President's 'mismanagement' of the rise of ISIL in Iraq, the crowd on the couch interviewed the former Commander of the USS Cole, Kirk Lippold. He was the man in charge during the attack on the navy destroyer in October of 2000. Citing a lack of communication in between administrations at the time for not following up, the Clinton Administration passed the information on, but the incoming Bush White House "had the attitude, 'We're forward-looking, not backward-acting." Then 9/11 happened...

During the interview, Brian Kilmeade asserts that the only thing this president seems happy cutting is the military. Mind you, our military budget is roughly the same as all other nations combined, but this is never enough for the war-planning staff at Fox and Friends. This former Naval Commander can't accept the fact the White House hasn't gone gangbusters on ISIL/ISIS (or as he says, 'whatever they want to call themselves') and is accusing the military leaders who take commands from the Commander in Chief as disloyal to the defense of the nation and beholden to the Obama Administration

The comedy team on the couch and Lippold have all forgotten the brilliant prediction of McCain who claims the rebels we should have supported in the Syrian conflict were moderates. They forget the famous photos of the man who gave us Sarah Palin with the guys who are beheading those who believe Islam the "wrong way," the guys who are too extreme for Al Qaeda, ISIL. They are a Sunni Islam group, very much against the Shi'a.

The Pentagon is not happy with the strategy we are implementing, Kilmeade claims. Never considering the White House may be just a tad hesitant to bomb an area where ISIL may be harboring thousands of innocent refugees, Kirk the Commander replies,

What strategy? There is no strategy to deal with ISIS right now...The administration is more interested, it appears, in political posturing than using productive intelligence to make a strategic decision on how to safeguard the nation.

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Kilmeade then asks, if the military just has to "suck it up and do as it's told?" Lippold essentially says, pretty much. This because the military leaders are taking orders from the Commander in Chief and not going rogue on this extremist group. He believes, these days we're seeing leaders beholden to the White House rather than to the defense of the nation, as if the two can't exist simultaneously. At Fox News, they've rewritten history so it appears we were extremely successful in building a stable, united Iraq. Now that the imposter is in the White House, things have fallen apart, as all things do.

Meanwhile, several nations have joined the US in providing humanitarian aid to the Yazidis trapped in Northern Iraq. There is a strong cry for Al Maliki to step down and encourage a less polarizing Prime Minister. But the Fox folks want war, not helping a desperate population. They want more conflict so the defense contractors can earn exponential sums of cash at the expense of paltry human life. It's the patriotic thing to do.


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