August 19, 2015

Since 'Straight Outta Compton' was the number one box office hit this past weekend, the Fox and Friends folks thought it was their duty to pan the film. The film shows the triumph of struggling rap artists finally making it, despite the odds stacked against them. The movie portrays the cops as they saw them, a force dead set against a group speaking out about their oppression. Who better to ask his opinion than one of their resident Uncle Ruckuses who shares their mandatory opposition to the first black president?

Yes, Rod Wheeler saw the movie this past weekend with his nineteen year old nephew, who saw an entirely different film, apparently, than his uncle. Wheeler didn't specify, but I imagine the nephew loved the film while his uncle didn't care for the portrayal of all cops as racists. Perhaps the lyrics of F.T.P. put him off a little?

And on the other hand, without a gun they can't get none
But don't let it be a black and a white one
Cause they'll slam ya down to the street top
Black police showing out for the white cop

Perhaps that part hit a little too close to home for Wheeler. What Rod found especially offensive and 'unnecessary' was the insertion of the Rodney King beat down video that he thought was irrelevant and superfluous. He really couldn't fathom why that historic piece of police brutality was absolutely relevant.

Wheeler thinks that now, at a time when the police seem to be trying (?) to fix their image as being anti-society and pro-racism, that this movie does nothing but inflame tensions between cops and civilians.

'I'll tell you why I think that they use it (the Rodney King footage) and I know I'll get the emails. They use it because there's people, especially out of the West Coast, that want to keep this flame going, keep this tension between the black community, between the police community.'

Yes sir, Mr. Wheeler, it's just the hysterics of those West Coast thugs who want to keep the anger alive for what? No reason? I believe unarmed black men are still dying in police custody, so we should all just view the Rodney King beating as a thing of the past? No. It is still a problem, and like it or not, this movie will continue to resonate because it is very true to life.


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