Michael Smerconish: Jim Webb Would 'Play Better On The Other Party's Stage'


Apparently Michael Smerconish hasn't paid much attention to what's happened to the Republican base these days. During CNN's post-debate coverage this Tuesday while discussing whether or not voters are going to freak out over the fact that Sen. Bernie Sanders admits to the fact that he considers himself a Democratic Socialist, Wolf Blitzer asked Mr. No Labels and fellow CNN host Michael Smerconish for his thoughts.

Rather than talk about Sanders, Smerconish wanted to discuss his fellow Democratic presidential candidate, Jim Webb.

SMERCONISH: He had a good night. I don't think that he necessarily grew the tent. I looked to Jim Webb tonight. I was wondering what kind of a wild card would he be, and I jotted myself a note. He revealed himself to be a very intelligent, very thoughtful... Republican.

This is a guy who I think would play better, perhaps, on the other party's stage.

Jim Webb was a Republican until he changed parties and ran against old Mr. Macaca, George Allen and did us all of the favor of running that racist piece of work out of the Senate. It was apparent during this Tuesday's debate that Webb hasn't quite let go of his Republican ways, to put it mildly, and as Smerconish rightfully noted.

That said, I'd like to know what Smerconish is smoking if he really believes that someone with Webb's views on economic inequality would ever be welcomed onto the stage along with the crowd that's running on the Republican side now. Jim Webb didn't leave the party. The party left him.

Someone needs to let Smerconish know that "moderate" Republicans are extinct.

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