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David Duke Wants To Give Drumpf Space To 'Dispose Of The Jews' (Updated)

Remember, Trump welcomed Duke's endorsement.
David Duke Wants To Give Drumpf Space To 'Dispose Of The Jews' (Updated)

David Duke is feeling his oats these days now that his guy is the presumptive Republican nominee. After Wednesday's declaration of victory over 'Jewish supremacists," Duke ramped it up a notch.

According to Right Wing Watch, Duke ramped up the rhetoric to all-new levels.

Duke said it was high time “to start naming the enemy that’s orchestrating our destruction: If we don’t dispose the Jews, there is no hope for our people.”

“This is not Trump’s job,” Duke said. “It’s our job to give Trump the space to do it eventually.”

He explained that Jews “control” the media, academia and the political world, “and I think that we’ve really got to start going full bore on that. I’m not saying that Trump has to but we’ve got to and that’s the only way we’re going to move people like Trump more toward doing the things we’ve got to do.”

“Here’s a question for you,” Duke asked. “How do we go from this idea, ‘We’re going to build the wall,’ to understanding that Europeans are being wiped out in their land and to start taking a more open position to defend our people and changing the way the media operates and doing trust-busting or whatever to destroy this media establishment that is brainwashing our people every day?”

Trump disavowed Duke's Wednesday comments, but this is his base. It's not going to be easy for him to shed them, nor should he be given a pass on them. After all, he relied heavily upon white supremacists to win the nomination, and now he owes them something.


There is some discussion about the transcription of the audio. RWW says the word is "dispose", others say "depose." Grammatically, "depose" fits better within the sentence, but after listening a couple of times I can't say with certainty which word it is.

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