August 20, 2016

Former GOP Congressman and Real Time troll, Jack Kingston, the 'senior adviser' to the Trump campaign, behaved like a petulant toddler on All In on MSNBC. Guest host Joy Ann Reid had to threaten to put him in time out several times during the interview and it almost abruptly ended when he refused to answer any questions directly. He tried to turn an interview into a Trump infomercial, but he didn't expect someone to put him in his place.

Yes indeed it was again, the wrong day to mess with an actual journalist, just like yesterday when a few other guests were demolished as they woefully assumed Joy would crumble as a woman and let them slide. After mentioning the 'apology' that he issued yesterday, the Weekend Host of AM Joy got right down to it and asked:

J.A.REID: So let's go through some of the things he's said that have caused not just personal pain but have actually hurt him. Probably the thing that's hurt Trump the most with African-Americans who don't know his personal history, housing discrimination, is the Birtherism, saying Barack Obama is not an American Citizen, which he started saying as far back as 2011. Why doesn't he show his birth certificate, demanding to see his papers. Do you think that's something Donald Trump regrets?

KINGSTON: I don't know. I'm wondering if Hillary and the democrats regret calling on Mrs. Trump's citizenship.

J. REID: (Incredulously) I don't think the Democrats have questioned Mrs. Trump's citizenship.

KINGSTON: Yes they have.

Obviously, Kingston couldn't name anyone who has actually questioned Melania Trump's U.S. citizenship, although Donald's incessant lying has given us cause.

J.A.REID: I have to tell you, I used to do campaign communications, so I know shifting the subject to something else is a great tactic, but you didn't answer my question.

KINGSTON: But, Joy, my job is to present our side. (not on a news program)

J.A. REID: But I'm asking you a question and you didn't answer.

KINGSTON: I just -- well, okay, we're going to reset. you go ahead.

J.A. REID: Do you think he regrets the Birtherism, you can just say yes or no?

KINGSTON: I don't think he did anything wrong. i think he raised a question.

JA REID: Do you still question whether the President of the United States is a Citizen?

KINGSTON: Let me say this,I think you guys should accept an apology and just go with it. This is what the Left has been demanding;. he made an apology.

Like a good Southern Republican, he had to get an invective into this segment, one used often by the GOP. It should be frowned upon as it was originated by Joseph McCarthy. who surely characterized one of the darkest times in American history. Republicans are known for misusing the word Democrat instead of Democratic just to be out of line. Kingston is predictably awful with his transparent tactics of avoiding EVERY question and trying to flip the interview around.

J.A. REID: Let's try another one. you're a former colleague of Senator John McCain, who serves in the United States Senate --

KINGSTON: Joy, I'm sure you have a list of Democrat Talking points there.

J.A.REID: These are questions as to whether or not he should apologize to John McCain.

KINGSTON: Joy, you know what we're going to do. do you think Hillary should apologize -

J.A. REID: You're not going to answer that question. [ all speak at once ]

KINGSTON: But, Joy, you see what I'm saying.

J.A. REID: No, I don't. You're not answering any of my questions.

KINGSTON: You're not answering me.

J.A. REID: You're here to answer questions, not ask them.

It was nice of the guest host to totally stick to her guns and not allow Kingston to spew out any of the false advertising he was sent there to deliver. El Cheapo, Trump, just shelled out money for a few national ads in 4 Swing States, and what month is it? However, he's still counting on the free publicity his stooges try to go out and commandeer from the ever-too-willing media...that is, until they met Joy Ann Reid. Maybe her ability to stop the malarkey machine dead in its tracks will be contagious with other news personalities, so they too may be called 'journalists?' One can hope.

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