December 9, 2016

The effort is underway for right wingers to muddy the waters even when it comes to "fake news."

In a speech Thursday, Hillary Clinton stated that the spread of fake news, "is a trend that "can have real world consequences."

After the disaster that was dubbed Pizzagate by the right wing fringe, which almost resulted in a monstrous act, Hillary said, "This is not about politics or partisanship. Lives are at risk, lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days to do their jobs, contribute to their communities...It is a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly."

Those remarks seem to anger many at Fox News, including Trump's BFF's, Fox and Friends. They decided that there is a correlation between "fake news" and "free speech," which is complete nonsense.

Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt brought on Kurt Knutsson, dubbed the Cyber Guy to help make it even more confusing for Fox News viewers.

Earhardt said, "But where do you draw the line when it comes to free speech online?"

All private entities have the right to post their terms of service, whether they enforce it or not. That doesn't mean they have to permit slander and libel.

Cyber Guy ridiculously said, "Here's the dilemma. You've got social media companies now trying to be the barometer of what's right, what's wrong, what's too extreme and at what point do you actually have your freedom of speech removed and a lot of the social networks are kicking people off because they're not expressing popular views that are okay with everyone."

Knutsson's argument is completely fu*king ludicrous. Popular views? Oh, he means the mean liberals are censoring conservatives, again.

Political correctness does not govern what "fake news" is or is not.

Cyber douche continued, "What does that do to us? What it does is it shuts us all down and there's really no platform to have a voice anymore."

Is he kidding me?

Promoting fake news is not the same as online trolls destroying comment sections with profanity laced tirades and despicable personal attacks.

Doocy wanted to know who [they], whoever they are, were kicking off the internet. Conservative, liberals or both?

Cyber Man, sorry his moniker is Cyber Guy, but you know, Dr. Who and all...anyway, he said, conservatives and liberals, but it was happening more to conservatives.

What a shock!

Cyber Guy then promoted a new conservative venture called "Gab" because libtards control their free speech online, or something.

Gab has nothing to do with "fake news" at all in this discussion, but his point was to help promote the site and muddy the waters on what fake news is.

Fox and Friends was trying to make the argument that fake news is a left and right wing deal, but fake is fake. It's not based on ideology.

If I posted a story that said Trump has seventeen illegitimate kids, which was the result of his penchant for sexual assault, but it was kept quiet because he paid his victims off, that would be fake news.

It's made up and has no basis in fact. Understand, Cyber Douche?

Cyber Guy followed up again with more nonsense about offending people and said, "Something for us to know. freedom of speech does not really exist on social media, period."

I think he took a course from Sarah Palin on the First Amendment,.

Promoting lies as news stories to destroy rivals has nothing to do with any free speech argument that the media and many political animals like myself have been discussing.

Doocy then tried to equate fake news stores like Pizzagate to politicians trying to get favorable coverage on their policies.

He said, "How many stories out of the White House are simply not accurate which would be deemed fake news."

"Misleading or spun. Misinformation."

And then Doocy put the cherry on top and said, "Real news is sometimes fake news!!!

And I'm out...

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