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Jay Sekulow Demands President Obama Be Investigated Over Russia

Hyuh. And Fox News forgot to ask Trump's lawyer about the reports that he's ripping off old people.

Yeah it was a hoax and fake news mere moments ago, but hey! If Trump can blame Barack Obama for Russia hacking our election, then Russian hacking all of a sudden is real.

Investigate everybody, I say!

Most of Trump's tactics involve, "nothing is ever Trump's fault" and if it looks like it is then "blame everybody else." And nobody helps Trump and his surrogates push that tactic more blatantly than Fox News.

I'd love to get access to the email group of Trump surrogates, that's for sure. The daily talking points, the debates on what and how to use them. Because there's massive amounts of collusion between Team Trump, outside surrogates, and Fox News.

I can dream, can't I?

Jay Sekulow, a lifelong pro-life advocate and an attorney for Trump was the subject of a blockbuster Guardian story which reports, "Jay approved plans to push people to give to his Christian nonprofit, which then paid big sums to his family."

Maybe that's why Trump likes him so much, he's a chip off the ole block.

Some Fox News personalities, including Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity, have recently been pushing the talking point that Obama is really the one who needs to be investigated and put under oath over Russia hacking our election.

Apparently their argument, without evidence, is that since Obama thought Hillary would win, Obama did nothing.

That has been transmitted to Jay Sekulow, who said the exact same thing on Fox News' America's Newsroom this morning via Mediaite.

“Why do we have a special counsel dealing with the Russia hacking when they had that evidence and did nothing?” Sekulow said.

“Why don’t we have a special counsel reviewing why President Obama did nothing after he assured the American people — he gets intelligence briefings but assures the American people that Russia did not interfere with the election.”

As for the allegations against his client, Sekulow maintains that there is no there there. “You know when the president said early on this was a witch hunt?” Sekulow said. “Every day that goes by, I’m not sure that’s fair to witch hunts to keep calling it that. It’s beyond that.”

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I'll take your special counsel and raise you two more special counsels.

Sekulow demanded an apology for Trump!

Shockingly Fox News host Shannon Bream never asked Jay to comment on the report that he and his family bilked millions of dollars from the out-of-work and poor Christians.

Telemarketers for the nonprofit, Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism (Case), were instructed in contracts signed by Sekulow to urge people who pleaded poverty or said they were out of work to dig deep for a “sacrificial gift”.

What a guy!

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