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Tom Brokaw Tells Black Caucus To Listen To Trump More - No, Really

Maybe if the Congressional Black Caucus reached out to Donald Trump...

You have to hear him say this to believe he said it, but here's the transcript:

TOM BROKAW: [John Kelly is] a Marine. The Marines know if you go into combat you have to get everybody on the same team. You can't go into combat with divisions going on. You have to have a concentrated idea about the objectives.

I thought the meeting with the Hispanic Caucus was one of the most important ones because they found a way to talk to each other. America's tired of tribal warfare. That's what we got last week, the disputed meeting about what the president said or didn't say blew up an important part of what we need to get done about DACA.

What the so-called president said, Tom, was that African countries and Haiti were shitholes, and why didn't we have more immigration from Norway? That's racist. And HE blew up DACA by changing his mind from Monday to Thursday. Probably because of too much Fox News and having actual racists like Stephen Miller in his ear. Continuing...

BROKAW: Wherever you stand on it, we have to find a way we can have common ground and not have everybody go to the respective corners and only come out punching at each other... I think if somebody were to do something dramatic, if the Black Caucus, for example, which I thought made a terrible error, one of the members said after that meeting "Donald Trump could lead the Ku Klux Klan." that's not what it's about. Ku Klux Klan murdered people; they were in white sheets, terrible reputation. So instead of doing that, put together a small group in the black caucus or any of the other caucuses and say to the White House, "We'd like to come down and have a conversation with the president in a private meeting so he understands what we're thinking and we have a better idea about what he's thinking."

If the past year has taught us anything, it's that you can't trust a single word this so-called president says ever. He has lied daily since taking office. "Conversations" with known liars are not fruitful, ever.

Twitter gave Tom Brokaw his own earful, not that he'll ever notice:

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